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Give Zesa some competition

I WOULD like to add my views to the barrage of criticisms concerning Zesa’s ineptitude.

Zesa has consistently failed to provide a reliable service. We are always reading in the press about how Zesa needs millions of US dollars to refurbish Hwange or Kariba power stations only to be told a while later that the same refurbished power stations have broken down. It sounds like gross incompetence on the part of the engineers.
In the meantime ordinary consumers like me are forced to pay the cost of such incompetence through unrealistic bills for electricity they can’t even supply.
Zesa is always taking every opportunity in the press to mention the cost of generating electricity locally and how they are importing expensive electricity from our neighbours. It is only logical then that Zesa employees must pay for the electricity they use, after all they have much better salaries than the average Zimbabwean.
As well the government must give Zesa some competition; this will force them to improve their services.
The Energy ministry should look at alternative sources of power for cooking and heating like gas, solar and wind power. The rest of the progressive world no longer relies on thermal power and so we must have a plan to do the same so that we are not left behind.

John D,

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