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We need clarity on MDC-N redeployment

WHICHEVER way things will end, all factors seem to point at that the current developments in the MDC-N will leave the party weaker than it has ever been. This I say after reading the statement by President Robert Mugabe that it is up to Arthur Mutambara to decide whether or not he will pave way for the newly elected president of MDC-N, Welshman Ncube, to take over as Deputy Prime Minister.

Lovemore Madhuku has stated that Mugabe is correct in the position he had taken, giving credence to what Mugabe is saying. Please note that I am not a legal expert, and will never claim to be one, but I have been thinking about what the Global Political Agreement says regarding the replacement of principals.


Does it say that the principals will be replaced upon their death or upon the redeployment by their respective parties? Do principals to the GPA confine themselves to the three persons who signed on behalf of their parties, or any person who replaces any of the three signatories to the GPA in their respective parties automatically become principals?

Perhaps the MDC-N Secretary for Legal Affairs should make a statement to clarify the legality of the recent re-deployment that was announced by Ncube at the press conference, because if Ncube continues to talk about it himself, it may appear he is trying to protect his personal interests. Some legal mind from the party may be the most appropriate person, in my opinion, to talk about the matter.

One argument that has been pushed forward by some officials of MDC-N is that MDC-T did it when they re-deployed their ministers, but the difference here is that MDC-T did not re-deploy their signatory to the GPA.

I am sure there are many like me who would have the same questions as I have. The Zimbabwe Independent, the people’s paper, could help by having an interview with the MDC-N Secretary for Legal Affairs for his professional opinion.

And finally, on a point of correction, Ncube should not have said he was the new Deputy Prime Minister, but should instead have said he was the new Deputy Prime Minister-designate as he had not yet been sworn in at the time of making the statement.

Benjamin Chitate,
New Zealand.

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