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DICTATORS, politicians, the police and the army must all learn from the people’s revolution of Tunisia. The Tunisian police are on bended knees begging for forgiveness while in Zimbabwe some have been reckless with what they say and do. They  have forgotten that the only permanent thing is change.

THE winds blowing in Tunisia are welcome in Zimbabwe. Leadership renewal is inevitable.
Guy Kamba.

AS civilised people, we should never entertain thieves who steal the people’s votes like in Ivory Coast. Politicians must be decent and civil. They should desist from foisting themselves on the citizens.
Vicar General.

IT seems okay for Zanu PF chefs to make statements with impunity, which sabotage the economy whilst they use treason as a trumped up political tool to suppress the opposition. It’s like watching  Animal Farm by George Orwell live.

THE youth should not allow themselves to be used like condoms thinking that they are swimming with the big fish. Sooner than later they will be swimming in sewage alone, discarded and forgotten.
Tsveruka, Merambinda.

YOU seem to forget to tell Zanu PF that the moment they announce the end of the unity government, that will be the end of Robert Mugabe’s recognition as president of Zimbabwe. He owes the presidency –– to which he lays much claim –– to the MDCs.

SADC has failed to ensure that the GPA is fully implemented in the last two years. What guarantee do they have that the much hyped roadmap to elections will be adhered to?  Zanu PF is already talking of discarding it. There is no hope for this land.
Mdawini  Bulawayo.

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma’s mediation is a complete failure because he failed to make a hard stance on Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. He has now made his role useless and ineffective.

SILENCE Chihuri should leave the prime minister and the MDC-T alone. He is a Zanu PF sympathiser pretending to support Welshman Ncube. It is Robert Mugabe who has failed the nation and he must go. Changing the MDC-T leadership –– at this juncture –– is not what Zimbabweans should be focusing on.
THUMBS up to Silence Chihuri’s article about Welshman Ncube. It is an inspiration to true democrats and food for thought to well-known hypocrites.

GOVERNMENT cannot even organise the proverbial party in a brewery. Now we have gone back to the era of fuel shortages. It is clear that they cannot do anything right.

INDIGENISATION proponents should start their own companies to compete with foreign-owned ones. That way they will reduce unemployment!
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

PATRICK Chinamasa, it is common cause to borrow your language that SMMZ suffocated under heavy reconstruction costs. Please advise the nation how much these costs were and the basis for this conclusion. I think that you are not being honest.

WE should remember that Johannes Tomana, in his own words, is a Zanu PF supporter. So there is no “being used” as such; he is part of the party agenda. In other words, we expect far too much from him sometimes.

WORKING in an inclusive government makes it hard to steal. Ignatius Chombo has been unearthing the bad things done by MDC-T councillors while the councillors are unearthing Chombo’s alleged corruption prior to the inclusive government. The MDC has been unearthing the bad things done by Zanu PF while Zanu PF has been doing the same. No chance for corruption in a unity government. Continue like that!

WELSHMAN Ncube was sacrificed because he challenged Morgan Tsvangirai the anointed MDC-T leader.  Challenge him at the congress and suffer being expelled or being labeled a tribalist if you happen to be a Ndebele. The majority is not always right.
Ngubozabo Lameck.

IT is very interesting to note the in-house battles as political parties get closer to holding congresses. Whose agenda are these individuals pushing? Do they have the people`s interests at heart? Voters should use their votes wisely.
Abednigo Dube.

ZESA could be making more money by using prepaid meters. It will cut costs on meter reading bills and stationery. There would be fewer complaints about load shedding. It will be just those who can afford will use it, just like airtime.
IJI, Budiriro.

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