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It’s a weird world

A CAT has been summoned to do jury service in the US — even after his owners pointed out he was “unable to speak and understand English”.

Anna Esposito wrote to Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston to explain that a mistake had been made, reports the Daily Telegraph.
But a jury commissioner replied insisting that the cat, named Tabby Sal, “must attend” on March 23.
Esposito had included a letter from her vet confirming that the cat was “a domestic short-haired neutered feline”.
Tabby Sal had been entered by  Esposito under the “pets” section of the last census.
She asked: “When they ask him guilty or not guilty what’s he supposed to say — miaow?
“Sal is a member of the family so I listed him on the last census form under pets but there has clearly been a mix-up.”
A website for the US judicial system states that jurors are “not expected to speak perfect English”. — Orange news.

A 13-year-old Norwegian boy scared off a pack of wolves by playing them heavy metal group Megadeath on his mobile phone.
Walter Acre was walking home from school in Rakkestad when he found himself encircled by the four snarling beasts, reports website Zvuki.ru.
Just as they seemed set to attack, the petrified youngster pulled out his phone and cranked out a song by Megadeth.
Walter had previously been told not to run away from wolves but to face them and attempt to scare them away.
And sure enough, the tactic worked as the sound of heavy metal music sent the animals scattering in confusion.
The website reports that Walter made it home safely, using one final blast of music to see off a stray wolf that was prowling close to his front porch. — Orange news.

CELEBRATING a tourism fair staged this week to promote Spain’s biggest industry is a new hotel in central Madrid whose maker freely admits is rubbish.
German sculptor HA Shult used 12 tonnes of recycled junk to build the hotel in central Madrid’s Callao Square and draw attention to the amount of flotsam spoiling Europe’s beaches.
“We must know and we must understand that the oceans are the biggest garbage dumps of the world,” Schult told Reuters.
His Corona Extra Save the Beach Hotel opened its doors on January 19 and operators say its five double rooms have been fully booked for the four days in which it will be taking guests.
“The world is a hotel and so as a parable, I show the world as a hotel, and this world we only have rented and we have to realise that we in this time fill up the whole world with garbage,” Shult said outside the hotel. — Reuters.

A COUNCIL  has been criticised for plans to be the first in Britain to use its crematorium furnace to heat a swimming pool.
Town hall chiefs at Redditch want to use the excess heat to warm the pool at the neighbouring Abbey Stadium Sports Centre. Council chiefs say it will save cash and is a greener way of powering the leisure centre — but local people have expressed concerns at the “eerie” proposals.
Simon Thomas, of Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors, said: “I don’t know how comfortable people would feel about the swimming pool being heated due to the death of a loved one, I think it’s a bit strange and eerie.” — Orange news.

or friend is a bit sick. It just doesn’t feel right.”

But council leader Carole Gandy defended the plan, saying: “I’d much rather use the energy rather than just see it going out of the chimney and heating the sky.

“It will make absolutely no difference to the people who are using the crematorium for services.

“I do recognise some people might not like it, but if they don’t they don’t have to use our crematorium. I wouldn’t want them to do that but they have to make that choice.”

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