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I CHALLENGE Augustine Chihuri , Rugare Gumbo et al to tell us about their trials and tribulations at the hands of Zanu PF during the struggle. Is your support for Zanu PF genuine or are you just glad to be alive?
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

CONGARATULATIONS  to the brave sons and daughters of Tunisia for bringing down an oppressive regime. Ben Ali thought that Tunisians were created in his image and not in the image of God. Everything has an end, including stealing votes.
Vicar general.

THE people of Zimbabwe should take a leaf from the Tunisian people. They were not waiting for the AU to liberate them from their oppressor. They confronted him and he ran like a frightened hare. We should liberate ourselves and stop waiting on foreign aid to help us.

DICTATORS must learn from other dictators that their end is the same. They end up running for dear life. Idi Amin, Mobutu, Noriega, Nkrumah, Ben Ali, just to mention a few.

HOW do you know when a politician is lying? When his lips move.

FACTIONALISM is the reality within Zanu PF structures countrywide. It would require a juju scientist to resuscitate the crumbled structures. However, only through murder and mayhem can they bring back their fractured party into the limelight.

ROBERT Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai should forgive each other publicly for national healing to cascade down to their parties to grassroots levels. Mugabe should further apologies for the economic meltdown that we experienced under his leadership.
Ndisutese Terera.

THE GNU is the best for Zimbabwe as it comes with checks and balances that were lacking in the best part of 30 years after Independence. In any case, the lack of the checks and balances led to corruption hence the birth of the MDC.
Petros Chidziya.

I WOULD like to tell Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai that we stand behind him, even if we have 50 factions in the party.

WHEN we invaded farms we said we were repossessing our forefathers’ land. Were the farm houses and equipment that we got part of our inheritance? Shame on us!
IT was interesting to see Zanu PF perpetual elections loser Sikhanyiso Ndlovu on ZTV the other day blaming the MDC for slashing maize in Bulawayo, although MDC denies it. He said that Zanu PF will never do such a thing because it has the people at heart. How does this compare to operation Murambatsvina which was sanctioned by Zanu PF?

IT’S surprising that Welshman Ncube was not the first president of the MDC-M party when it broke away from the main MDC. It still puzzles me why Ncube and company would pluck an Arthur Mutambara from who knows where to lead them. And now Ncube is shrewd because he has removed Mutambara? The MDC-M, or should I call it MDC-N, would be lucky to get a single council seat come next elections!

WELSHMAN Ncube is now suddenly talking some sense on the mediation “efforts” by South Africa. All along he and Arthur Mutambara were saying the outstanding issues were a figment of Morgan Tsvangirai’s imagination. Now because his party does not stand a chance in an election he wants the GPA to be extended so he can continue to enjoy power at the expense of the suffering majority. For the past two years his party was more aligned to Zanu PF and Thabo Mbeki than the MDC-T.  He seems to take us for fools.

WELSHMAN Ncube is not shrewd. In the story “Ncube proves his political acumen” (Zimbabwe Independent, January 14) Paidamoyo Muzulu claims that Ncube took numbers to his side but why does he not see that he does not have numbers when it comes to the electorate? You can form a party and even create a thousand executive positions but if that does not translate into votes, then it is a Sisyphean (toilsome, useless) venture. Ncube, Arthur Mutambara and Job Sikhala’s move from the main MDC was not wise. They should just come back.

NEGOTIATIONS according to President Jacob Zuma mean him forcing or conning Morgan Tsvangirai into accepting the rule of Zanu PF. Zimbabwe would have sorted out its problems had Zuma and Thabo Mbeki not undermined the MDC-T. If the two presidents were serious about solving the Zimbabwe problem, they would have let the UN Security Council do its job!

MIMOSA is doing a remarkable job by setting a trend to the corporate world. Some corporates that are doing well fail to do that in their communities.


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