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NewsDay continues strong growth

NEWSDAY, Zimbabwe’s only independent daily newspaper, continues to grow strongly with daily sales expected to reach 45 000 in three months, Group Chief Executive Raphael Khumalo has said.

NewsDay is published by Alpha Media Holdings who are also publishers of the Standard and the Zimbabwe Independent.

Khumalo said: “As a new kid on the block we are committed to updating readers and advertisers on a regular basis regarding the performance of NewsDay.”
NewsDay has been on the market since June last year and is now the most widely read daily newspaper in Zimbabwe in only seven short months.

“We have exceeded every budget projection and we are very bullish about NewsDay. Circulation growth has been the biggest performer which in turn has proved to advertisers that NewsDay is a strong national advertising platform,” Khumalo said.

Copy sales during the just ended holiday season were exceptionally good with Christmas and New Year issues completely sold out,  Khumalo said.

“We are pleased that readers have quickly adopted NewsDay in their everyday lives and circulation figures remain very high. On average we are now selling 95% of our print run which is a technical sell out.

Readers in most major cities and towns across the country and also in areas “off the beaten track”  such as Ngundu, Mpandawana, and Lalapanzi are getting their NewsDay every day and  are fully plugged into what is happening on the national front and can contribute to topical issues  through our reader feedback forums.

“Current indications are that this strong growth will continue in 2011, hence attracting new readership and widening advertiser reach as we increase our coverage and grow our distribution footprint throughout the nation,” Khumalo said.

In only seven months NewsDay has also broken new ground with its ability to cut across age, gender and income barriers. The brand has established a strong connection with young and old readers alike. NewsDay has a wide appeal to female readers and is found in a variety of households.

“Introducing a new product, especially in a depressed economic environment is both exciting and challenging,” said Khumalo. “NewsDay’s success is due to its ability to fill a gap in the market for a balanced, non-partisan, and objective daily newspaper that is affordable. In a market which sees new products launched only to disappear from the shelf after six months or less, we believe that NewsDay continues to thrive due to relevant content, innovative marketing, strong distribution and loyal readers.

“NewsDay’s success is in large measure due to the editorial, production, marketing and distribution team that we have put together,” Khumalo said. — Staff Writer.

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