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IF Zesa was my husband, I would have divorced him long ago. Efficiency is a dirty word for this zero performing parastatal.
Vicar General.

POLITICS is short for poly (many) and ticks (blood sucking parasites).
DJ Stoxx.

TO Saviour Kasukuwere; who else have you empowered besides yourself and your well connected peers?

IT’S obvious that Welshman Ncube wants some time to enjoy the deputy prime ministership before the MDC-M is voted out. We should remember that Ncube, alongside Arthur Mutambara and most of the MDC-M ministers, lost elections. They rightly should not have been in government.
Papa Taivo.

WELSHMAN Ncube knows very well just like any other fair minded Zimbabwean that the GPA will never be fulfilled. He knows that sanctions will never be removed as required by the GPA. He also knows that he uses sanctions as a tool to gain political mileage just like Robert Mugabe. If we have to wait for the implementation of the GPA, it  will live for a very long time. It also means there might be chances of him becoming the Deputy Prime Minister which will not happen if elections are held.

WELSHMAN Ncube is a divisive element within the opposition movement. He is already causing another split within his own party. We should support the real MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

WELSHMAN Ncube is as misguided as Arthur Mutambara and Jonathan Moyo. They can’t do simple maths to see that their political support is dwindling fast. On whose behalf does Ncube talk when he could not manage to garner a constituency seat for himself in the last poll?

WELSHMAN Ncube seems to be enjoying his position in the government for many reasons unknown. He should understand that elections are going to take place no matter what. That is what the people need, and instead of fighting them he should be trying to campaign for votes or else he is just going to lose again.

MORGAN Tsvangirai must ignore whatever is happening and stop crying because the playground was never plain and will never be plain until the issue of elections is dealt with. Only one person is in charge and that is Robert Mugabe. For now it is a fact that everything will remain skewed in Zanu PF’s favour.
ZBC “analysts” such as Dr Hove, Jonathan Moyo and Chris Mutsvangwa are known card carrying members of Zanu PF.

JUST how big was the sample in the survey which claims Zimbabweans want polls this year, because those results are meaningless if say 2000 people were interviewed.

IT should be remembered that from the experiences of the last presidential elections, everything rotates and vibrates to the rhythm of the JOC.

WHEN Augustine Chihuri says that Zanu PF cannot hand over power through the pen what does he want us to use to vote? Does he want us to use an AK-47? We don’t want another Laurent Gbagbo here!
R Mlilo.

MWAI Kibaki and Laurent Gbagbo got into power through the popular vote. When the same voters rejcted their second term bid, they both refused to go. Won’t this occur when Morgan Tsvangirai gets into power?
Mdawini, Bulawayo.

THE MDC-T must concentrate on freeing the airwaves and the press than worrying about Gideon Gono and Johannes Tomana. They should be warned because Zanu PF might come up with elections without these reforms.

MPs are greedy and selfish. They advocated for their salaries only and forgot about civil servants. We shall see you at election time.
Chief Harare.

DO our MPs know that being an MP is not a full time job? How can they demand a US$3 000 salary when a doctor who spent seven years at college does not get that? They should always know that being an MP is a community service. A few months ago the same MPs demanded new cars every year claiming that they travel over 200 000km every year. Simple mathematics will show you that to cover that distance, one will have to travel about 500km every day including weekends. This shows the calibre of MPs who represent us.

THE Labour department should take Zanu PF to court for employing octogenarians when the retirement age is supposed to be 65 years.

THEY grabbed the farms, abused free agricultural inputs and turned farms into braai spots. Even if Zanu PF look to the East to their “all weather friends”, it won’t change the fact that they are doomed.


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