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It’s a weird world

NEARLY 1 000 people flocked to a wedding in Cambodia — between two snakes.
Bride Chamreun, a 16ft python weighing 200lb, wed her smaller mate in Village One in Kandal province, just south of the capital Phnom Penh.
Buddhist monks blessed the pair and villagers showered them with flowers during the two-hour ceremony believed to bring prosperity and peace to those attending.

“We organised the wedding ceremony for the pythons in order to oust bad things and bring good luck and happiness for our villages,” said 41-year-old Neth Vy, who owns Chamreun.
“We were told that the two pythons are husband and wife and they need to live together, and if we don’t marry them we will meet bad luck.”
Mr Neth said he had found the then-tiny python while fishing in 1994, and that she had become part of the family.
Since taking the snake in, he said no misfortune had befallen his family.
The python groom, named Krong Pich, was caught 12 days ago by people in a neighbouring village. — Reuters.

POLICE officers are being sent to a John Lewis department store — to learn how to be polite to the public.
The move, in Manchester, comes after a survey revealed some officers answered mobiles while talking to people or had inappropriate ring tones.
Superintendent Nadeem Butt from Greater Manchester Police came up with the idea to ask the store for help because its staff are so polite.
He said: “We all know they are fantastic at customer service — anyone who has shopped there will tell you that. I rang them up and said: “Can we come down and have a look at what you do?”
“The main thing is that John Lewis treats customer service as a skill. You could be the best salesperson in the country but you still have to have regular training.”
Officers from Supt Butt’s force will receive their politeness training from the John Lewis store in Cheadle, Greater Manchester.
They will be trained to be more professional and considerate when dealing with victims of crime and witnesses.
They are being taught to spend more time listening to people, to keep victims updated on the progress of inquiries and to tell people exactly what happens after a crime is reported. — Orange news.

SAUDI Arabian security services have captured a vulture suspected of being a Mossad spy sent over by Israel.
The bird, which was carrying a GPS transmitter and a tag from Tel Aviv University, strayed into Saudi Arabian territory, according to a report in the Israeli daily Ma’ariv.
Residents and reporters told Saudi Arabia’s Al-Weeam newspaper the matter seemed to be linked to a “Zionist plot” and swiftly alerted security services. The bird has since been placed under arrest.
The accusations went viral with hundreds of posts on Arabic-language websites and forums claiming “Zionists” had trained the birds for espionage.
Israeli authorities said the bird’s activities were innocent and that it was part of a long-term study of the migratory habits of the vulture.
The incident comes amid growing paranoia among Israel’s neighbours over the nation’s growing military might.
An Egyptian official reportedly claimed a shark that attacked tourists off the coastal resort of Sharm el Sheikh was acting on behalf of the Israeli spy service. — Orange news.

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