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How can we forget the empty shelves?

AS long as we have more Zimbabwean street beggars in Johannesburg than South African ones, I will continue to vote against Zanu PF. It does not matter how many brickbats they throw at the opposition. We should also not overrate Jonathan Moyo. He may have saved Zanu PF in 2002 but that was then. Who can forget the empty shelves, the long bank and fuel queues and of course the trillion dollars?


As for the CIO, the story is even sadder. Whilst in other countries security agents do an analysis of the success or lack thereof of government programmes and advise accordingly, ours have been sleeping on the job. They could have prevented the stupid government “operations” such as Operation Dzikisa Mitengo (Reduce Prices) and Sunrise among others which have turned people against Zanu PF. Even the widespread corruption and looting could have been prevented with an alert security service but ours slept on the job.



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