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THE government should tame the Chinese who are practising labour abuse. It looks as if the open door policy adopted for the Chinese has brought with it unethical practices by the so-called businessmen from the East. Please may the responsible arms of government  act to put an end to this. 

Action is needed  now before they destroy our pride as a people.

BETWEEN the warring Zanu PF factions, I would vote for the Mujuru faction because of their advocacy for non-violence. The problem is that I can never support Zanu PF.

THE stance taken by Joice Mujuru in calling for leadership renewal in Zanu PF should be applauded. Renewal is needed now.

WE, Zanu PF supporters, are right behind you Joice Mujuru and we will support you until you are the next president of the party and the country. President Mugabe needs to rest and give the baton to others
otherwise sellouts will get into power.

VICE president Joice Mujuru, should join the proposed united front against Zanu PF and rally behind Morgan Tsvangirai.
Shepy Tarzy.

IT’S good that Zanu PF has now got a young leader who now sees that it is necessary for the ageing Robert Mugabe to go.

IS there any progress taking place to rectify the areas upon which Welshman Ncube bases his objection to elections. Will the full implementation of the GPA and national healing ever become a reality?

ARTHUR Mutambara’s tenure became untenable when he became Robert Mugabe’s robot (pun intended). What becomes of a used robot? You are the professor, figure it out.

MORGAN TSVANGIRAI should invite Arthur Mutambara to cross over to the MDC-T. I read that the professor has pulled out of leadership race in his faction. Yes he may be politically immature but he is a future asset for the party. In a bigger party, he will quickly gain exposure and add value, even be a next party leader. Only cool heads are needed. All those looking forward to replace Tsvangirai should feel challenged should Mutambara agree to cross over. The party stands to benefit by having him in. With the political experience, he will be useful.
DOES the absence of Morgan Tsvangirai in the MDC mean that there is no party? MDC is becoming another Zanu PF. Why can’t he face an election? I now believe the senate split was a smoke screen. The real issue was Tsvangirai’s leadership was being challenged and if challenges the appointed one they are labelled as an enemy of the party.

THE MDC-T should be democratic as they always tell the people. Why are they afraid of primary elections? The electorate will punish the underperforming MPs for poor service delivery so that we have new MPs. They are afraid of losing their seats in both houses of parliament if all elections are held hence they just want only the presidential election.
Frank Katsande.

LET’S have harmonised elections because the parties won those seats when we did not have any food in the shops and inflation was crazy. So people voted as a protest from hunger. Let’s vote now when everyone is using his/her mind to think and not their stomachs. We want elections to fulfill the tenets of democracy. Viva Zimbabwe!

ZIMBABWEANS must stop wasting time talking about elections. Emerson Mnangagwa’s statements that Zanu PF will rule even without the consent of the electorate should tell us something. Even if Morgan Tsvangirai wins by 90% he will never rule this country as long as the cabal at the helm of the country are still there. Prove me wrong, if you can.

POLITICAL violence can only end when the police and the army cease to be above the law with respect to this crime. So far they are untouchable no wonder they are intimidating rural folk willy-nilly on behalf of Zanu PF.
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

THE Zimbabwean police have lost a lot of their integrity. They seem to have no adherence to their job description. Thus the swindling of civilians of their hard earned cash has become their norm. What’s more, the rulers of the land silently watch these custodians of the law practice daylight robbery upon the very civilians they swore to protect. Personally I have decided not to offer them transport.

THE general populace would like to see a list of all the leaders who have plundered, stolen and extorted commercial farm assets and who are depriving the poor of the nation’s wealth. Why are these people not in prison?
Human rights, Nyanga.

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