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Zim deserves govt unity of purpose

OXYMORONIC is one word to describe the running of the government under the tutelage of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. With the endlessly contradictory paths they take, one is left befuddled as to whether they are coming or going.

The policies they propound seem more motivated by impulse than by actual strategy. Take the indigenisation drive they have adopted for instance. 
While it is clear that it is now their campaign gimmick, how the desired objective of giving black Zimbabweans “access to the means of production” will be achieved is still opaque.
There is a clear dearth of synchronicity with various sectors working at cross purposes. On the one side we have the Tourism and other service ministries which have been involved in a concerted effort to lure back tourists projecting Zimbabwe as a “safe and secure tourist destination”.
This side of government has attempted to project Zimbabwe as open for business and leisure to the rest of the world. It seems to have seen the error of its ways and is keen to spruce up the nation’s image which was decimated by “negative publicity” from Western media.
This side had given hope to the pessimists that Zimbabwe had turned a leaf so to speak.
Then you have the other side of the divide which is characterised by rabble rousers keen on upsetting the recovery process at every turn. Whilst the former are bringing in international celebrities to try to give more favourable coverage to the country, the latter are threatening the very countries they are coming from.
Mugabe made threats at his party’s recent conference to Western companies based in Zimbabwe yet the government claims to be trying to attract investors to revive the comatose economy.
He said: “Why should Rio Zimbabwe and Anglo America take minerals and make money? This is what should stop.”
What should stop is senseless politicking which has achieved nothing but retard the strenuous gains made so far. Mugabe has no right whatsoever to  take us back to the abyss of the past decade just to soothe his ego or settle political scores with his enemies.
Zimbabwe is much bigger than Mugabe or Zanu PF and they owe it to us to have a unity of purpose in salvaging our pride as a nation.

Josh Mukarati,

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