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PM weak, indecisive

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is a weak and indecisive leader. It was his wanting to listen more to advice from his “kitchen cabinet” and his penchant for overriding collective decisions along with his dictatorship style that led to the MDC split. 

Remember when the original MDC’s supreme body held a vote as whether to participate in senate elections or not. The result was in favour of participating but Tsvangirai overruled that decision, hence the split.
When Arthur Mutambara came onto the picture and sought to unite the two groups, Tsvangirai’s group made demands for almost all positions and effectively rendered the reunion impossible.
They were overly confident of their chances to the extent that they did not go into the 2008 presidential elections as a united front, resulting in the Mutambara group preferring to partner Simba Makoni. As a result Tsvangirai missed out on an outright win.
On the other hand I consider Welshman Ncube and Mutambara as principled men with the nation at heart. They stood for democracy in the senate vote and were not prepared to be cowed. They selflessly worked towards reunion but were frustrated by Tsvangirai and his group. They also tried to work as a united front. Ncube is a wise and principled leader who is not quick to open his mouth. He thinks first and makes sensible comments. The scorn and ridicule thrown at him is basically the MDC-T propaganda which unfortunately fed into their supporters and sympathisers. It is indeed their fear of his intellect and ingenuity that drives them to hate him. He is not a man to be easily swayed by mere propaganda and dictatorial threats, including not being prone to puppetry.

D Ncube,

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