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IF this country was won through the barrel of the gun, then I challenge Zanu PF to name just one town that was captured by our freeedom fighters during the war. Zimbabwe’s independence was negotiated and that is why there was the Lancaster House Constitution as a compromise governance charter. We are tired of being patronised by political bigots.

Ruware Chibhoyi.

THE fight for democracy is a fight that the MDC and the people of Zimbabwe will win! Be advised, Mr Prime Minister, that the people of Zimbabwe are united behind you and no matter what the detractors will say or do, we shall overcome.
Trevor Vee.

UNTIL the politics is sorted out and Zimbabwe has a legitimate government there can be no real development. Businesses’ call for the delay in the elections is misguided.
C Frizell.

WILL someone please tell Theresa Makone and Kembo Mohadi the meaning of the word minister? It means a servant. Cabinet ministers should learn that respect is earned. How dare they address Zimbabweans in South Africa with their superior attitude? Be humble!

FREDERICK Mutanda is in preference of an early election, we are told. Maybe because he did not get enough of the 2007-2008 crisis. We can’t let politicians do whatever they want for their advantage at the whole nation’s expense. Extending the GNU is an option worth taking since we have seen the benefits of the GNU. Having one party in power will mean Zanu PF takes charge again whether by hook or crook. This will mean the eroding of the economic gains made in 2009-2010.

WHATEVER Zanu PF decides is what is going to prevail at the end of the day. Whatever result comes of the elections Zanu PF will still rule. So what’s the way forward? Let’s accept the fact that we do not have an opposition party first, then we can be realistic about our expectations.

DUMISO Dabengwa and Zapu have realised that Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai are the same. As such they should support neither of the two. Zapu was formed to be in power and not to support others to be in power.

SADC leaders must now pressure the GNU leaders to implement the GPA and hold fresh and credible elections as soon as possible? How can they do that when they have helped Zanu PF steal elections?
Sibenza Mahadi.
ELECTIONS in Zimbabwe are a waste of time. What is the point of holding them when Zanu PF says they will not accept defeat? It is absolute nonsense. As for that toothless dog called Sadc it is not even worth a mention.

WE are not ready for elections! Most African countries are not ready for elections. Look at the Ivory Coast election saga and again the chaos in Egypt of late. For the sake of development and progress let this GNU remain for three years more. An election in Zimbabwe, as history shows, will do more harm than good. We are sick and tired of us being the laughing stock of the world after elections. I also think we don’t have the funds for elections. We need food and our infrastructure is in bad shape.
Matthew Ngwenya.

IT’S not good Robert Mugabe mocks those in the Diaspora and at the same time expecting the same people to come and help revive the economy. I think the best time for the Diaspora to come and help is when Mugabe and those of like mind are gone. We need leaders who respect their citizens and who feel the citizens can contribute to nation building. This arrogance by Mugabe and Zanu PF has made many people support the MDC not that they are the best but they don’t insult us.

AND now the former opposition party MDC has taken a leaf from the former ruling party Zanu PF in saying to hell with Christopher Dell, despite a well researched analysis of everything that has gone wrong in Zimbabwe. That’s the problem with us. We seem not to want criticism from any quarter whether constructive or otherwise.

US Ambassador Christopher Dell gave his opinion, not facts, in the cables he sent to Wikileaks. If anyone thinks that what Dell said are facts it would be madness.

I AM a Zanu PF member but am one of the many who believe Jonathan Moyo does more harm to Zanu PF than helping it. His comments are puerile and not well thought out! If he has no logical arguments, it’s best to shut up and not speak nonsense for the sake of saying something.

WHAT is it with Africa’s presidential losers? First it was Mwai Kibaki then Robert Mugabe, and now Laurent Gbagbo refuses to relinquish power. At least ECOWAS is led by real men, not the sorry sissies in Sadc. The dictators’ smoke screen is wearing a little too thin now.
Tsetera, Zvimba.

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