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Zanu PF to probe members in WikiLeaks cables

ZANU PF is planning to set up a probe team to investigate its members who have been mentioned in the controversial WikiLeaks cables, and those found guilty will face disciplinary action, a politburo member said this week.

The probe team, according to party national spokesperson Rugabe Gumbo, would be established during the on-going conference in Mutare.
Besides investigating the party members, Zanu PF would also want to look into statements attributed to MDC-T in the cables and see if there is a legal route it can take to deal with its partner in the inclusive government.
Said Gumbo, “We want to really find out what was happening. We are working with these people (MDC-T) during the day, but at night they are singing a different tune.
“They are (MDC-T)  our partners in this inclusive government  and we are worried  by  the reports (WikiLeaks) so we are looking at legal instruments on how best we can deal with this issue.”
President Robert Mugabe told the Zanu PF Central Committee on Wednesday that his party would rethink and take stock of its participation in the inclusive government in light of the WikiLeaks exposures.
“What is galling is the discovery, or perhaps, confirmation, that the people we thought were our partners in the running of the country were most of the time serving masters who are not the people of this country,” Mugabe said.
In one of the cables published by WikiLeaks, PM Morgan Tsvangirai is said to have called for the partial lifting of sanctions –– “without giving the impression that we are rewarding lack of progress or bad behaviour”.
Another cable dated July 13, 2007, revealed that the US has been working with MDC-T to effect regime change in Zimbabwe. Former US ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell wrote to Washington saying the MDC-T was not an “ideal” conduit to its programme, as it lacked able leaders.
He, however, said Tsvangirai was useful for American purposes in Zimbabwe.
Gumbo said: “Even some party members (Zanu PF) who are cited in the reports on shoddy items, they should be investigated to find out what drove them into doing what they did.”
He hinted that   “…even the lifespan of the GNU would be looked into in light of the WikiLeaks revelations.”
On the WikiLeaks website, a Zanu PF official identified as Mudarikwa was reported as telling US Ambassador Charles Ray in a classified cable that Zanu PF “was holding together because of the threat of MDC-T and foreign pressure”.
Mudarikwa was also quoted saying the party was like a “stick of TNT (a high explosive) susceptible to ignition and disintegration.”
He likened Zanu PF to a troop of baboons incessantly fighting among themselves but coming together to face external threat,” read Ray’s cable.
But Mudarikwa (Zanu PF’s MP for Uzumba/Pfungwe) denied ever meeting Ray.
“I have never met the ambassador,” Mudarikwa said, claiming there were many Mudarikwas in the party holding various positions.
“Actually I do not know him (Ray),” he said when reached for comment last week by the Independent.
Nine cables from the US Embassy in Harare sent between 2000 and 2010 were leaked by WikiLeaks last week.
They cover the state of Zanu PF, progress in implementing the GPA, MDC-T’s proposal for a transitional authority in 2000, the looting of diamonds, involvement of the army in Marange, and the displacement of the villagers from that area.
Senior Zanu PF members have called for the resignation and prosecution of Tsvangirai over WikiLeaks reports in which he is linked to conversations with US officials where sanctions and the removal of Mugabe from power were discussed.
His spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, on Tuesday said such calls were mischievous.
“The mischievous and barbaric calls for the prosecution of the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe over the WikiLeaks reports represent desperate acts by those whom the people unequivocally rejected in March 2008,” said Tamborinyoka in a statement.
“Zimbabweans are not worried about what the US embassy in Harare cabled to Washington. They are only aware of their strong opinion which they cabled from the various polling stations in March 2008 entrusting their hope and faith in the person of Morgan Tsvangirai.”


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