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Tired of being led by uninformed fanatics

THE drafting of a new constitution was an opportunity for the people of Zimbabwe to change the political landscape of this country for good. It was an opportunity for the country to define  what we stand for.

It was an opportunity for us to set a foundation from which true democratic principles would be built on. It was an opportunity for the country to  define our rulers. An opportunity to trim down the excessive powers that have been enjoyed in times past.
The issue of separation of power is critical. People were supposed to go out there and ensure that in the future, one man does not hold too much power in his hands.
The tragedy with such absolute power is that when that one man fails, then the whole social system is bound to collapse. 
We need a system that has leaders that are accountable, leaders who have people to answer to. Leaders whose leadership credentials can be questioned by an ordinary man on the street. Leaders that are not scared to be asked probing questions.
One thing that I believe the populace should have realised during the outreach  was that no one man knows it all. The fact that a CEO of a company has been doing well does not necessarily imply that the next CEO that will come will kill the company. The new person is bound to bring in new ideas and innovation which might take that organisation from good to great. When one is competent in one area, that does not translate to them being competent in the next.
Another tragedy that we were supposed to avoid was having incompetent people leading the way that this country is going.
We must have insisted on a certain level of education for MPs and cabinet ministers. It is true that a degree does not make one smart, but it is a measure of one‘s diligence, endurance and gives us a picture that logic is resident in one’s  life. We are tired of being led by fanatics that cannot even clearly articulate even a simple budget statement. People who cannot even debate a matter as individuals. We are tired of leaders that stand for party positions, and they themselves are standing for nothing as individuals.


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