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MDC-T must speak out

I AM disturbed by lack of responsibility on the part of the MDC-T as a party that, probably, the majority of people look to for a successful turnaround of the country’s fortunes.

You have through your newspapers published clear violations of the laws of this country by Zanu PF, yet the MDC with the most brilliant legal minds among its ranks chooses to ignore such deliberate violations?


Jabulani Sibanda is said to be causing havoc with impunity in Masvingo. Can anyone explain why the MDC turns a blind eye to such clear violation of the laws of the land? Recently you also reported disturbing behaviour of Zanu PF thugs in Mbare randomly chasing away those perceived to be MDC-T supporters, not to mention a lot of similar action in other parts of the country.

Of course it could be true that in this country the police force has been instructed to turn a blind eye to such acts committed against those perceived to be members of Zanu PF’s opposition. However this does not mean that the constitution supports such behaviour so as to render it impossible to take legal recourse against such behaviour?

The country is slowly drifting towards anarchy again whilst we all look and do nothing about it.


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