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It’s a weird world

FOUR British tourists have been arrested in Latvia after being found naked astride a life-sized wooden horse in temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Police said the four men were posing for pictures at the time of their arrest in Riga and were clearly under the influence of alcohol.
Footage of the drunken prank has been posted on YouTube where it has attracted nearly 60 000 hits.
After being taken to a nearby police station to put their trousers on, the four men, aged around 30 years, were charged with petty hooliganism and handed fines of about £90.
Riga has in the past experienced problems with mainly British tourists urinating on its iconic Freedom Monument, leading to public pressure for more police patrols and stiffer punishments for offenders.
The large wooden horse is a permanent fixture in the Latvian capital and stands outside a jewellery shop beside St Peter’s church.
The arrest of the four naked men took place close to the spot at which the mayor of the Latvian capital turned on the lights of the city’s Christmas tree a few hours earlier.
— Orange news.

POLICE in Pittsburgh mistook a “blood-splattered” horror movie set for a real life murder scene — for eight hours.
One officer labelled the room “the most grisly murder scene” he’d witnessed in his 35 years in law enforcement.
Firefighters responding to a call at the George Washington hotel happened upon the room, reports Metro.
They saw blood splattered everywhere, bottles of alcohol scattered about the room and “a piece of a scalp with hair still attached”.
Eight hours into their investigation, police realised the “blood” wasn’t real and they were dealing with a set left over from New Terminal Hotel, a horror film starring the late Corey Haim.
According to the owner of the hotel, the set had been left untouched in case those in charge of the movie wanted to carry out re-shoots.— Orange news.                                                

AN 82-year-old great grandmother has amazed fitness fans in China with her astonishing feats of kung fu.
Zhao Yufang performs her eye-watering feats of flexibility every day in a park near her home in the Chinese capital Beijing.
She is a master in Shaolin kung fu and T’ai Chi, and has also studied yoga for more than 70 years.
“I have always led a simple life. I gave up eating meat so long ago I cannot remember what it tastes like and I exercise for three hours a day,” she explained.
“When I was a girl no master would teach me kung fu so I taught myself — and then I went back to the school and beat the master until he apologised.” — Orange news.

A small-town German butcher said on Monday he faces steep bills after a wild boar tore through his shop in an hour-long rampage but will at least recover some of his losses by selling slices of the slain beast.
The boar wandered out of a nearby forest and into the shop and caused about  US$6 600 in damage before being shot by a local hunter, butcher Rainer Kraemer told Reuters.
“Insurance covers theft and fire, but the butcher shop isn’t covered for a wild boar attack,” said Kraemer, whose shop is in the town of Hoehr-Grenzhausen near the western city of Koblenz. The 130-kg boar will only fetch about 400 euros in ham and wurst sales after Kraemer finishes carving it up. — Reuters.

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