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PUBLISH the articles Jonathan Moyo wrote when he was kicked out of Zanu PF. In fact serialise them so that people are reminded of the chameleon he really is.


WHY do Madhuku and his colleagues not wait until the draft constitution is out and then campaign against it.

SOME readers cannot afford the Independent so can we have the Muckraker column in Newsday on Saturday. The Herald has Nathaniel Manheru, we also need Muckraker.

WE all know that Mugabe has failed. Why the hell are we giving him more time in power? Wake up people. Together we stand, divided we fall.
Brian Chitsike.

OUR elders must learn to sit back and become advisors rather than controllers. When will they retire?

PEOPLE should not expect too much from Tendai Biti’s budget. He can’t do what the alchemists of yore failed to do –– turn base metal into gold.
I Claudios.

COMMENTS by VP Nkomo that Zanu PF should not have joined the inclusive government were mischievous and a misrepresentation of facts and reality. Nkomo must be reminded that he is in office because of Morgan Tsvangirai, otherwise he would be languishing in the political wilderness. Zanu PF must stop living in a make-believe world and cannot resist the winds of change.

THE MDC-T must realise that sitting at the same table with diners does NOT make you a diner. Nor does being in a unity government make you the government.

ZBC “analysts” such as Dr Hove, Jonathan Moyo and Chris Mutsvangwa are known card carrying members of Zanu PF. Their comments have the opposite effect to that intended on viewers who know them for who they are.

WE are qualified youths with skills but there are no jobs. We want to develop our nation but we don’t know how. I am an engineer but am forced to sell airtime cards.

FOR 100 years the British mined and exploited Zimbabwean resources using cheap labour to build their cities and lifestyles. Show us in Zimbabwe any landmarks of British democracy and development that have benefitted the ordinary Zimbo? Why in particular does this degenerate British ambassador, Canning, continue to concentrate his arguments on Marange diamonds? Yesterday it was the land now it’s the diamonds obviously because they are sending shivers down the spine of the West.
Diamonds are not mined from Marange only. There is Marowa mine, for instance. Could you kindly report how the Marowa diamonds are benefiting the people?

I AM a Zanu PF member but one of the many who believe Prof Moyo does more harm to Zanu PF than help it. His comments are puerile and not well thought out. If he has no logical arguments, it’s best for him to shut up and not utter rubbish just for the sake of saying something.

I AM surprised you seem to be impressed with Jonathan Moyo’s bag of tricks. First, this gentleman has run rings around the major political parties and came out of it with a wry smile. Remember Tsvangirai saying that he would let him contest Tsholotsho without any contest from the MDC. Asked whether he was not afraid that Zanu PF would cheat at the polls, his reply was: Jonathan has told us about all the rigging tricks, it will not happen this time.

I do not see the urgent need for Zimbabwe to normalise relations with the West when human and property rights violations continue. We claim to be independent but are using the US dollar after wrecking our own economy.

If they are not being sold, how can diamonds benefit the Zim people? How can a stockpile of unsold diamonds blocked from the market benefit the country? Only fools will let this Canning idiot get away with trying to hoodwink us into thinking that Britain has our interests at heart. Why don’t they let Zimbabwe freely and openly sell its diamonds then talk about whether they are benefitting the country or not?

I DO not see anything wrong with MDC-T working with the US in strategising its election campaign.No one says anything when Zanu PF works with the Chinese or Israelis in plotting to stay in power or is it that they do not want others to do what they do? Anywhere people will decide who they want to lead them.

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