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It’s a weird world

A GERMAN man is demanding his ex-girlfriend pays him back the money he spent on buying her breast implants.

The man, named by his first name Carsten in Bild newspaper, paid for his then girlfriend’s breast augmentation procedure in 2009.
His ex, Anastasia, says she now fears her breasts will be repossessed unless she refunds him the £3 700 cost of the operation.
Anastasia admitted that she signed a written agreement with Carsten saying that she would stay with him for at least a year if he paid for the implants.
But they broke up soon after Anastasia had the breast augmentation and Carsten now wants his money back.
Anastasia, 20, told reporters she had already transferred the equivalent of £2 500 into his bank account.
She was worried that Carsten would call the police and get repossesors involved if she failed to pay up.— Reuters.

A JAPANESE fruit company has been playing Mozart to its ripening bananas, claiming it produces sweeter fruit.
The Toyoka Chuo Seika fruit company plays classical music continuously for a week over speakers in its banana ripening chamber.
Favoured works include Mozart’s String Quartet 17 and Piano Concerto 5 in D major, reports the Japan Times.
Company spokesman Isamu Okuda said he believes it makes the bananas, which are imported from the Philippines, sweeter.
The paper adds that bananas are just one of a wide variety of food and beverages, including soy sauce, udon noodles, miso and even sake, which have been enjoying exposure to classical music in Japan.
Ohara Shuzo brewery managing director Fumiko Ohara said it had been experimenting with classical music for 20 years after company president, Kosuke Ohara, came across a book about brewing with music.
They experimented with jazz, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, among others.
“We found Mozart works best for sake,” Ohara said, “and that’s why we use only his music.”— Orange news.

MEN caught riding in a women-only carriage on the Delhi Metro were fined — and then slapped by angry women who forced them to do sit-ups.
A police team caught a number of men in the carriage in a surprise raid at the city’s Guru Dronacharya station, reports the Times of India.
Officers fined them the equivalent of £3,50 each — and then women, furious at men repeatedly invading their carriage — took their own vengeance.
Gurgaon police commissioner S S Deswal said complaints of men getting into the reserved coach and harassing women were becoming frequent.
“We have been getting a lot of complaints from women, including the lady wardens, about eve-teasing and harassment,” he said.
“As suspected, we found many male passengers in the women’s coach. The moment the women saw us, they got the courage to teach the men a lesson.
“We will continue this drive and ask women NGOs to also take part. We want our young girls and women to feel confident and safe while travelling in the Metro.’’
Police say that around the same time, 40-odd men forcibly entered the women’s coach of another train and refused to get off, even after women commuters protested.
The train was held up at Hauz Khas station for more than half an hour and police had to be called in. Two of the group were arrested and charged. — Orange news.

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