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MUTUMWA Mawere should get his business back! Political elites cannot determine the course of justice. Justice is apolitical.

MANY people know this Latin gem of truth: Vox Populi Vox Dei, which states that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Real heroes fear God, not man. Let God’s people be free.

ZANU PF is  shameless. How do they explain the massive wealth that Ignatius Chombo has aquired while the masses are wallowing in poverty?  We   need principled leaders.
UZ  Student.

IT’S a shame Vice-President John Nkomo sees his colleagues in the GNU as enemies. No wonder the country is in such a mess.
Taneta  J.

MORGAN Tsvangirai’s presence in government allows him to question Robert Mugabe’s dictatorial decisions on behalf of the masses who voted in March 2008. No wonder Robert Mugabe wants to escape from being accountable for his actions via an untimely and likely violent poll. Remain in government, that is the best way to campaign.
Kyoro Mangwe.

MOST Zimbabweans couldn’t care less who rules Zanu PF. They just need shelter, jobs, food, transport, water, electricity, broadband etc. Politicians focus on power. We want real freedom; the thing we fought for. So what if Robert Mugabe rules for life? As long as we have access to basic goods and services we would not care.

IS it the president who is demanding elections or is it this animal called the GPA which states that after the new constitution, we go for a referendum and then elections? Give us the factual position. What is it? Please help.

SADC is full of barking with no bite.

ROBERT Mugabe is so good at dividing people. He starts talking about elections and the other people are at each other’s throats. He did that in 2005, and the MDC split. They must learn how their enemy operates.

IF Robert Mugabe wants elections so desperately, we should allow him his wish where he can run against himself and be a sure winner. He did that in June 2008; surely we can allow him to do the same in 2011?
WHAT is the purpose of an election? In Zimbabwe it is just a formality. Why is it that Zanu PF are calling for elections when they say they will not recognise any other winner than Robert Mugabe .
Patriotic Tindo.

ELECTIONS cannot be held without a genuine constitution in place. A complete overhaul of the voters’ roll and most importantly a withdrawal of the army and the militia from politics are needed. The playing field must be even and conducive for free and fair elections. No elections if genuine conditions are not achieved.

I DON’T see anything wrong with Morgan Tsvangirai’s call that the other parties rally behind him at the next elections. It would be ludicrous for them to put Simba Makoni, Dumiso Dabengwa or Welshman Ncube at the helm. Without debate Tsvangirai is the most credible candidate with popular appeal.

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai must work more on electoral reforms than on senior appointments because the days of the inclusive government are numbered. We want free and fair polls!
T  Sanyamahwe.

THE lack of principles has cost the MDC dearly. They should have stuck to their 15 cabinet ministers as agreed instead of matching Zanu PF’s excesses. That way they would have demonstrated their adherence to agreements while exposing Zanu PF‘s insincerity. But then, the MDC are masters at missing opportunities.
Mombes,  Chinhoyi.

UNDER real United Nations trade and economic  sanctions, Ian  Smith industrialised Rhodesia. In response to Western travel bans, our rulers chose to loot and plunder.

POLITICAL parties in Zimbabwe behave as if they voted the people to be inhabitants of Zimbabwe. That is arrogance of the worst order.

WHEN are the authorities going to fix the detour between Harare and Banket. Motorists should refuse to pay the toll gate fee if nothing is being done to fix this problem.

CAN the city council please explain to Dzivaresekwa residents why for the past two weeks they have gone without water?  What is the problem, and why is it no one cares to explain to us? We demand an explanation now.

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