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It’s a weird world

OVERWEIGHT diners at a US restaurant can now eat for free — if they weigh more than 25 stone.

The unusual promotion takes place at the appropriately-named Heart Attack Grill, in Chandler, Arizona.
Managers there have just hired a 43-stone Blair River to promote the special offer.
Aside from his weight, Mr River’s love and enthusiasm for the food at the restaurant helped him to land the £66-an-hour modelling contract, which required him to shoot a YouTube commercial.
The Grill has a medical theme and customers are required to wear hospital gowns over their clothes as they are waited on by staff dressed in nurses’ uniforms, serving up high calorie food like the Double Bypass Burger. No diet drinks are stocked.
Ironically, the restaurant is owned by former nutritionist Jon Basso, who used to run a chain of seven Jenny Craig weight-loss centres in Oklahoma. — Orange news.

OVERWHELMED with requests for exorcists, US Roman Catholic bishops are holding a special training workshop in Baltimore this weekend to teach clerics the esoteric rite, the Catholic News Service reported.
The church has signed up 56 bishops and 66 priests for the two-day workshop, seeking to boost the small group of just five or six American exorcists that the church currently has on its books.
“There’s this small group of priests who say they get requests from all over the US,” Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, was quoted as saying.
“Actually, each diocese should have its own exorcist,”he added.
Paprocki did not say why there was increased demand for exorcisms, which he noted were rarely performed.While solemnly regarded by the Catholic Church, exorcism is a staple of Hollywood fright films — most notably the 1973 film The Exorcist — and regarded by many as superstition that lends a chill frisson to festivals like Halloween.
Catholic Church law stipulates that only properly trained priests can perform the rite — and then only with the permission of their bishops.
Possible signs of demonic possession include scratching, cutting, biting of the skin; profound displays of strength; and a strong or violent reaction to holy water. — Reuters.

AN alleged drunk driver who mistook a train platform’s disabled ramp for a car park entrance sent commuters running for safety in Switzerland.
Gerald Bacher — said by police to be three times over the drink drive limit — plunged over the platform edge and onto the tracks in Martigny, stranding hundreds of travellers for five hours.
“He was looking for the car park and took a very wrong turn. It was 6am and God knows how he managed to be so drunk so early in the morning,” said one commuter.Police say a 67-year-old man is being interviewed over motoring offences.— Orange news.

A Polish singer and tabloid celebrity has put up posters of herself stretched out on the sand in a provocative bikini as part of her campaign to win a Warsaw district council seat in municipal elections on November 21.
Several of the posters — www.saramay.pl/blog.html — are to be seen around Warsaw’s Bemowo district bearing Sara May’s slogan: “Beautiful, independent, competent.”
Internet users who posted their comments below May’s poster on various websites were not interested in her political views, preferring extensive discussion of the extent to which her photograph had been digitally enhanced. — Reuters.

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