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GNU must share vision for development

ZIMBABWE needs to come up with well-planned strategies for investment promotion.

The key to investment promotion is to understand that it is not an event. Rather, investment promotion is a process which starts with the responsible ministries forming an economic planning unit which will create investment environment and priority industries so that the nation has something positive to sell. At the moment we have nothing we are selling except mineral resource-based enterprises.
The current government of national unity needs to be selflessly dedicated to national development and be incorruptible. They should have the same vision for the future of Zimbabwe and see themselves rising above politicking and fulfill the God-given obligation to lead his people with wisdom.
As the Bible clearly states in Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
The latter is what I think Zimbabwe is experiencing at the moment.
The other aspect, civil service efficiency and integrity, refers to the need for civil servants to understand that they are servants of the people, and not civil masters. They should be dedicated, incorruptible, and totally apolitical, serving the government without fear or favour. Lack of good corporate governance can make or doom a nation. Permanent secretaries stand accused of corrupt tendencies and being aligned to political parties. The appointment of most of these permanent secretaries is now based on politics and not merit and thus leading to their inefficiency within most of the ministries.
The private sector should also be dynamic and be aware of the problems of the nation. Instead of waiting for handouts from the government, people in the private sector must be prepared to work with the government to achieve national prosperity. They must realise that only if the ordinary people are happy and prosperous can they too, succeed. Need I mention the greed in the new crop of black capitalists who disguise themselves in black empowerment.
Integrity plays a pivotal role in the success of a nation. If even one of these three forces does not work to its full potential, the nation will not succeed. To create thousands of jobs and ensure that wealth reaches the unemployed and the disadvantaged requires concerted strategies.
It requires changing the mindset at all levels of leadership. To move from a “business as usual” approach to an awareness of the need for dynamic change and a strong commitment to growth and development.
A leader may be intelligent but without integrity his strategies and policies amount to nothingness and doom.


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