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LET us enlighten Emmerson Mnangagawa  and his cronies that it is the people of Zimbabwe that will choose the next president. Are they so naïve to think that the people will choose somebody who has led violent campaigns against them? We are yet to see any good thing that he is doing for the people. Why should we evervote for him?

T K Harare.

SINCE when have security personnel been able to persuade people to vote for Zanu PF? It appears Zanu PF never learns. They are so steeped in history that they forget to formulate workable strategies. If the elections are violent they will be nullified like the June 2008 elections. If the elections are free and fair it is obvious Zanu will lose. Sometimes I wonder why people cannot imagine life without Robert Mugabe. This is what some Germans did with Adolf Hitler and they went down with him.

WITH the new-found wealth in diamonds the junta can thumb their nose at the international community while we continue to suffer.

IT is my belief that Robert Mugabe wants to die in office. He and his cronies have so much to lose if they lose a legitimate election. Mugabe also claims to have brought democracy to Zimbabwe. It is only a democracy if you vote for him; otherwise it is called toppling the government. We do not have the freedom to vote for the leaders of our choice. He will decide who is fit to rule Zimbabwe not the people.

SUCH is the gullible and misled strategy of the Zanu PF goons who apparently think brutality and torture shall yield favorable results for them. While the last kicks of a dying horse are lethal they are of no use as the horse is already on its death bed. It is very sad that Zanu PF is willing to engage in brutal acts to coerce the vote their way. They shall be surprised because the people are watching.

ZANU PF says their enemy is the MDC. The people support the MDC and so their enemy is also the masses. Unless they butcher people into submission, they will never win an election. The army is there to help them to continue with their genocide. But will guns defeat the people’s spirit? No it will not.
Colonel M.

OUR situation is very similar to that of Madagascar where the military backs a civilian and rule indirectly through that person. It’s a different type of military rule.
THERE can be no free and fair elections in Zimbabwe in the absence of crucial reforms. The so called GNU has failed the nation as Robert Mugabe continues to  violate  the GPA to pursue personal interests leaving the country in disarray.

HOW can sanctions be lifted when ordinary folk are being frog marched to meetings where they are coerced to vote for Zanu PF? I think it’s time to impose more sanctions against this primitive and brutal party. It seems Sadc is not aware or prefers not to take notice of army personnel forcing people to support Zanu PF.

THE MDC is stagnating. A leadership change now will save it from being remembered only as Morgan Tsvangirai’s party, just like Edgar Tekere’s  ZUM, Abel Muzorewa’s  UANC or Joshua Nkomo’s  Zapu. These parties disappeared with their leaders.

MORGAN Tsvangirai is not able to handle Robert Mugabe. Boycotting and suing will not get him anywhere. It’s time to pass on the baton. The party must live by its slogan. Chinja!!

OUR young leaders must be up to date in finding ways to develop Zimbabwe. They should not be interested in plundering our national resources.
Madzitire, Nyanga.

THE acquisition of Zisco is a positive move. Imagine where the NRZs, GMBs and AirZims of this world  would have been now had they gone the Cotton Marketing Board route which was commercialised and became Cottco. We need more of such prudent government divestments.

THE central bank should be shoring up micro finance institutions (MFIs). Macro level interventions are good but in order to address the needs of the poor and unemployed there is need to facilitate entrepreneurship. MFIs in other developing countries have managed to provide significant reprieve for the poor and unemployed.

CAN you believe that Zesa are investigating the cause for their low revenue inflows? The basic cause is that their tariffs are unrealistically too high for our economic conditions and income levels, hence the high default rate. Add to this their organisational inefficiencies. There is no need to investigate on such a simple issue unless of course it is a deliberate attempt to corruptly enrich some individuals.

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