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Being a tenant should not be a crime

THE levels of corruption among estate agents and landlords in the Avenues area in Harare have reached an unprecedented level. We as Avenues residents are appalled by the behaviour of estate agents.

Quite a number of flats in the area have gone without water despite the fact that payments had been made by the residents. The estate agents and some uncouth landlords diverted money that was meant to pay for bills to their own private use. Meanwhile residents struggle to find water and are  forced to carry water up to the eighth floor. Not only is this a health hazard to the residents but it means that people have had to adjust their lifestyles. A cholera outbreak might be in the offing considering how overcrowded that area is.
Adding insult to injury residents themselves had to  ensure that supplies were reconnected when the water was cut instead of the estate agents and landlords.
The landlords were not even prosecuted and residents still live at the mercy of these people.
The corruption does not stop there. Estate agents put people on a waiting list for them to get accommodation. Those who are not willing to part with some cash to grease their palms might never live to see themselves walk into an apartment.
These unscrupulous people have the tendency of promising more than one person a single apartment. The chaos that is caused is really despicable. What seems to confuse me is the fact that our law enforcing agents are failing to deal with these crimes or is it that  they just do not have the capacity to handle such crimes?
Can someone come to the rescue of desperate residents who are being abused and terrorised by these dubious elements. Being a tenant is not a crime.


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