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I apologised to Dube over sue threat –– Saintfiet

IN a bid to save his faltering relationship with Zifa, national team coach Tom Saintfiet has apologised to the football association for threatening to sue it over delayed issuance of his work permit by the immigration department. 

Saintfiet apologised to Zifa president Cuthbert Dube to cool tempers in the association where board members were questioning his intention to sue and doubted the possibility of a good working relationship with him in light of his threats.
The Belgian coach told IndependentSport from Namibia that he had offered his apology to Dube.
“I have been in contact with Zifa, and the talks we had were progressive and fruitful,” said Saintfiet. “I told them that I was going to wait until the papers are sorted out. I will wait for as long as it takes, but I am confident that my employers are working hard to make sure we move forward and prepare the team for our next matches. I am not sure, however, about the progress of my application, but I know everything required has been supplied (to the immigration department).”
Saintfiet had angered Zifa board members, among them those who backed his appointment ahead of Norman Mapeza, favoured by Dube, with his threats.
He threatened to report Zifa to Fifa if they failed to set conditions for him to start duties within 48 hours.
His lawyers had alleged that Dube was the one who was delaying the progress of his application through influencing the immigration authorities, allegations that were met with anger both at Zifa and the immigration department.
Zifa has since revealed that Saintfiet’s appointment faces a review at their board meeting today.
Saintfiet signed a four-year deal on October 1 and without breaking a sweat he expects to get his first salary.
Zimbabwe has lined up an international friendly match against Mozambique on November 17. The coach hopes by then he would have got the work permit and would be in charge of the match.
Saintfiet may survive after all as the board members are reportedly not in agreement over who should take over between Mapeza and Madinda Ndlovu.
Dube has made public his preference of Mapeza while it has been reported that Benedict Moyo, board member development, leads a group that opposes the appointment on a full time basis of the former Warriors skipper.


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