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MDC should engage Zanu PF tactfully

IT’S no use trying to negotiate with people who will disown their own mothers if its suits particular circumstances. That is what I believe Zanu PF can do.

Zanu PF lost the 2008 elections and the legitimate rulers of this country are the MDC. The MDC should not boycott its own government but should instead attend all meetings and disrupt proceedings there until Zanu PF behaves constitutionally. This includes cabinet meetings.
Zanu PF is working on a worst case scenario framework. To them the worst case scenario is handing over power to the MDC or any other party. To them it would be like death in the literal sense. They will do anything which maintains their hold on power. Criticism and sanctions from even the UN don’t matter to them. They are taking a leaf from the North Koreas and Irans of this world. As long as they have power what happens to the country does not matter.
The MDC should engage them with this in mind. In the final analysis the struggle is for us Zimbabweans; whether MDC members or non MDC members. This is not the time for petty jealousy directed at Tsvangirai because we may feel he is not the best leader. He is a liberation leader to liberate the country from Zanu PF. If we miss the opportunity at the next election we will have to fight a real liberation war to dislodge the junta.
The MDC should mobilise the people to match Zanu PF fist for fist now, especially as we go for elections.


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