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I READ the letter from Mutsa Murenje “Goliath will surely fall one day”, (Zimbabwe Independent October 8) drawing comparisons between the healing of a woman by touching the clothes of Jesus (Mark 5:25 – 34) and the present situation in Zimbabwe. I agree! What Zimbabwe needs is a miracle!


THE banning of left hand drive vehicles from our roads needs clarification. Does this imply de-registration of those left hand drive vehicles already registered? What of left hand drive vehicles registered elsewhere in the region? If a left hand drive truck registered, say, in Mozambique pitches up at the border would it be turned back? If they are allowed access are we then not saying that the transporters with left hand drive trucks relocate to those countries that allow registration of left hand drive vehicles? Someone seems to be thinking with their butt here.
Shooting self in foot.

BANNING the importation of vehicles that are more than five years old is indeed one of the many weird decisions this government is now in the habit of making. The only reasonable assumption for this GNU decision is their wish to comply with Al Gore’s climate change madness and wanting to protect the Willovale car assembly plant.

THE more than five year old vehicle ban is the craziest policy I have ever heard from this government so far. How many people Zimbabweans at home or abroad can afford a car less than five years old. This goes to show that our rulers are idiots (sorry for the language) but let the truth be said.

THESE Japanese imports actually improve the complexion of our roads. Otherwise we will be forced to go back to our Peugeot 504s, 404s and Zepher Zodiacs. There are no loans in this country for us to purchase new vehicles. In terms of volume of traffic, our roads are practically empty. The petroleum industry, repair workshops, spares shops, toll gates and other downstream industries will die instantly. Not to mention the harvest Zimra is making at ports of entry.

I CAN understand the government banning left hand cars but banning imports of cars that are more than five years old is a bit ridiculous. But Zanu PF is Zanu PF; they do what is best for themselves. It should not surprise anyone to hear them announce before the end of next year that a Chinese car manufacturer is setting up base. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

INSTEAD of aiding the smooth flow of securities administration the Securities Commission of Zimbabwe seems to be doing the exact opposite. Then people wonder why it is difficult to do business in Zimbabwe.

ROBERT Mugabe is the best illusionist. He must be some kind of a magician. How can we explain the fact that MDC really thought they had some power?  How they believed that they would be consulted by him in the appointment of senior officials. Furthermore, they still believe that free and fair election are feasible. Keep them fooled Bob.
Hip hop artist.

MAY the president stop shedding crocodile tears pretending that he loves Zimbabwe and her people. Zimbabwe is in the throes of poverty and that can never be as a result of sanctions . The recent bloated entourage to the UN general assembly gobbled up a lot of money which could have  been used in areas that really need help like  the health sector.

THE Zanu PF politburo is weird.  Welshman Mabhena was already out of Zanu PF when he died, just like Ndabaningi  Sithole , James Chikerema , Gibson Sibanda and others. Talk about double standards.

MDC should not expect Zanu PF to fulfill GPA obligations soon. The cockerel symbol at its headquarters was supposed to be removed as part of the Unity Accord. Twenty three years on it’s still there.
Mdawini, Bulawayo.

GIVEN the fragility of the inclusive government, it is not wise for MDC-T ministers such as Gift Chimanikire to be sending the wrong signals about national development and in the process insulting those that they may need to beg from at some later stage.
Charles Mutasa.

THE issue of underdevelopment of Matabeleland should be addressed.  The deployment of teachers who cannot speak Ndebele in this region especially at primary schools leaves us dumbfounded. Why is the government  destroying our language like this?

SEPTEMBER has come and gone and still no 3G service from Telecel. Operators should desist from lying if they are not ready.
Chief Isso.

IT is surprising that Zifa can appoint Madinda Ndlovu as an assistant coach when he failed twice at Highlanders and at Amazulu to produce a winning team.
Shai Chalanda.

WHO is fooling who at Zifa? Why are they trying to get a foreign coach when their coffers are dry.

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