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Vehicle ban will increase suffering

THE banning of importation of vehicles that are more than five years old must be looked at collectively and with reason.

The minister who is proposing this should show that the imported used vehicles and not the state of the roads are to blame for the carnage on the roads. Secondly he must explain how he came up with the five year cut off point.
I am paying for my car and will only finish paying for it after five years and so does he mean this car will be junk by the time I finish paying it off?
There are too many unanswered questions and if cabinet lets this one go through it will only increase the suffering. We should be realistic and stop living in cloud cuckoo land. This is a country so poor it cannot supply water to more than half of those residing in the capital! At this stage Zimbabwe cannot afford the luxury of adopting this ridiculous law. Are these ministers daft or are they trying to pass this knowing they will benefit by creating another Willowgate! Pollution my foot! Sewage is being dumped into Manyame river by the tonne and all kinds of chemicals also find their way into the very water we are supposed to drink and what has the Environment minister Francis Nhema done?
Nothing except dream up another regulation to increase the burden on ordinary hardworking law abiding Zimbabweans. Can Nhema tell us how much car emissions Zimbabwe contributes relative to other nations. Mr Nhema you are no scientist, so why not just keep quiet and enjoy the perks of your job and all that you gain for belonging to an organisation that has made the life of Zimbabweans worse than any white colonialist.

Bingo wJakata,

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