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It’s a weird world

HONOURS THESIS: A US student is said to be distraught after a PowerPoint presentation detailing her sexual conquests went viral.

Karen Owen, a 22-year-old student of Duke University, North Carolina, detailed her exploits with 13 men.
She produced the unofficial “senior honours thesis” on her flings as a joke to be shared with three close friends after she graduated in May.
But it was subsequently leaked to the university’s 14 000 student population before becoming a global viral hit. The 42 page presentation is titled An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics.
Owen, from Connecticut, graphically describes her lovers, how they met in bars and what they did after their binge drinking sessions.
Each of her 13 lovers is named and pictured.
She details their “pros” and “cons” and ranks their sexual prowess out of 10 in coloured charts.
Owen  told The News of Today website: “I regret it with all my heart.”
“I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned on that”. — Orange news.

SMOKING CHIMP: A Chimpanzee addicted to smoking cigarettes has died aged 52 — after living 10 years longer than the average ape.
Charlie the Smoking Chimp became famous around the world after picking up the bad habit from visitors to his South African zoo.
Qondile Khedama, from Mangaung Zoo, near Bloemfontein, said Charlie was only an “occasional smoker”.
She explained the zoo discouraged the practice, but visitors threw the ape lit cigarettes through his bars.
Khedama said Charlie had been receiving special care, including a diet of protein shakes and vitamin and mineral supplements, before his death.
She added: “Charlie was known for his bad habit of smoking, which also earned him worldwide fame.”
A post mortem on the chimp will take place soon, which may show if smoking contributed to his death. — Orange news.

INTELLIGENT  CHAIR:  Getting  back pain from sitting still for too long or in a bad position could be a thing of the past thanks to a chair developed by a German scientist which makes noises to tell users when they need to move.
Risto Koiva invented the “Intelli Chair” after researching “sonification” — the use of noise to convey information — with his colleagues at Bielefeld University in northwestern Germany.
“Four touch-sensitive sensors in the seat of the chair and another four in the back of the chair detect how the user is sitting,” Koiva said. “The data they collect is sent to a computer via a bluetooth module.”
If the chair detects that its occupant is sitting in the wrong position or has remained seated for too long, it makes a noise to tell the user it is time to change position. — Reuters.

HANDCUFF THIEF: A 26-year-old US man managed to escape from a Department of Corrections car while handcuffed.
Police aren’t just looking for him. They also want him to be charged with stealing the handcuffs.
Eric Mitchell Lair was arrested October 1 on a felony warrant. He was handcuffed behind his back, but still was able to open the door of the car that was taking him to Cowlitz County jail and run off.
Officers from several agencies searched the area but couldn’t find him, and a judge issued a warrant Thursday for his arrest on suspicion of first-degree escape.
Police say the handcuffs are valued at US$29, and stealing them would constitute third-degree theft. –– AP.

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