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Zanu PF structures collapse

ZANU PF bigwigs in Matabeleland are fighting over the collapse of party structures as senior members snub critical meetings.

According to senior Zanu PF officials in Bulawayo, former Information and Publicity minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, who is the politburo member tasked with heading the party in the province, is under fire for failing to establish vibrant party structures.
Ndlovu, the source said, also prematurely announced last week that the province would host Vice-President John Nkomo’s celebrations to mark his ascendance to his current position, angering other politburo members in the region who felt that they had done enough preparations for the bash.
The celebrations which were scheduled for October 2 at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair grounds in Bulawayo were cancelled. It is the third time this year the celebrations have been cancelled.
The sources told the Zimbabwe Independent that politburo members Eunice Sandi-Moyo, Angeline Masuku, Edson Ncube and central committee member Tshinga Dube cornered Ndlovu, who is Zanu PF secretary for education, on August 26 at Zanu PF provincial headquarters, Davies Hall, and demanded an explanation why officials were snubbing party meetings.
It emerged that only 50 members out of 150 officials attended the provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meeting on that day, raising the concern of the senior party officials in the region. PCC consists of politburo, central committee, national consultative assembly and provincial executive members.
“Ndlovu was summoned to a closed-door meeting by Masuku, Dube, Sandi and Ncube who asked Ndlovu why he was failing to mobilise party members to attend critical gatherings,” a senior Zanu PF member said. “Masuku and company who are seen as powerhouses in Matabeleland lambasted Ndlovu for failing to maintain vibrant party structures.”
Irked by Ndlovu’s “lame excuses” why officials were snubbing meeting, the source said, Masuku, Sandi-Moyo and Ncube then walked out of the PCC meeting.
Dube confirmed the meeting, but declined to discuss details.
“I was at the meeting but we left early. I cannot discuss much concerning the issue,” he said.
Before they walked out, the source said Masuku, Ncube, Sandi-Moyo and Dube read the riot act to Ndlovu whom they challenged to implement effective ways of reviving the collapsing structures.
Another burning issue at the closed-door meeting by the Zanu PF stalwarts was Ndlovu’s announcement that Bulawayo province would host Nkomo’s celebrations when Nkomo had not confirmed he would attend.
“The senior party members told Ndlovu that he was not supposed to call for Nkomo’s celebrations at a time party members were snubbing meetings. Ndlovu was asked if he wanted to embarrass Nkomo due to a poor attendance,” said the source.
Ndlovu yesterday denied that party structures had collapsed and that there was infighting in the province.


Brian Chitemba

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