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CHOMBO was in Binga for the Kujatana marathon competitions. There he preached development theories by Thomas Multhus.

He spoke in English using jaw breakers and complex jargon. Chombo is one of the ministers responsible for underdevelopment in this county, especially in Binga. That is the reason why he did not want the people to understand what he was saying.
Mocky, Bulawayo.

I FEEL sorry for Didymus Mutasa. He has to pay for his presidential ambitions by fawning upon the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, chancellor of all state universities etc, etc. Mutasa, even if you carried him on your back to Mozambique you could never be sure he will bequeath power to you.
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

THERE is true leadership renewal in the UK. Our revolutionary party should look and learn a lot.
Guy Kamba.

I AM not pleased at all with Zesa. We the residents of St Mary’s demand an explanation why we get electricity on Thursady and Sundays only when in areas like Zengeza are not facing  such problems. What kind of load shedding is it that they are using that is clearly sabotaging one area like that?
Mahanzu, Chitungwiza.

NO progress can be realised with the GNU in place because it is not accountable to anyone. Only a standalone government is accountable to the people. Elections now are the answer.

WHAT is really happening between Econet and NetOne? We have been having difficulties connecting between the two networks.  Can the two companies do something about this and stop inconveniencing us.
Chief, Harare.

THE Ministry of Education must not hold our kids to ransom at Dzivarasekwa 1 school. Till when shall we have two headmistresses fighting for the same position. Chiguware is a non-perfomer, we all know that.  You must clean up this mess once and for all.

WE are not yet ready for elections, but we can be ready next year. How ready were we in 1980? Our challenge is to have a free and fair poll, not to be scared off one altogether. What do we do if a new constitution does not materialise, sanctions remain, and there is no national healing (whatever that means)? Have we been discouraged to the point of total surrender?

THE way Zanu PF is presently constituted it can’t win a free and fair election. So, either it reforms itself by removing the power blocking old guard or resorts to the violence that has served it quite well in the past. No prizes for guessing which alternative the powerful old guard will go for.
I – Claudious.

“IF he (Morgan Tsvangirai) defeats Mugabe, Zanu PF and other people of Zimbabwe will not allow that.” Is it not the same people of Zimbabwe who would have voted for him, Mr Didymus Mutasa?
Gwabeni, Kwekwe.

NO government, not even the most repressive, can silence the voices of the masses.

I AM enjoying the circus disguised as constitution-making and the clowns  performing under the name Copac.  Madhuku is right, this constitution- making process is not people-driven, and will never be people-driven, but a product of give and take between Zanu PF and MDC-T with the MDC-M as witness. After collecting “people’s views”, I am certain the haggling will begin, and like the GPA, there will be outstanding issues.
Sibiya Gift, Mhangura.

THE media frenzy over the appointment of the Warriors coach is really unnecessary.  Norman Mapeza’s achievement of getting a draw away is really not an incredible feat. If he was as good as we are made to believe then a win is what he should have got. Mapeza should be glad that he got a position in the technical team.

WHAT is happening about the Henrietta Rushwaya saga? Is it not going to be another case which will be postponed until we have forgotten about it? The anti-corruption commission should speak out so that a bad precedence is not set. No wonder why football is failing to attract serious sponsorship in this country.
Worried Fan.

THUMBS up to Econet for the reduced tariffs on international calls. It is most welcome and we are quite pleased to note that Econet has realized that we are living in a world full of technology where making calls through other means is possible. There really is no need to make expensive international calls when you have cheaper Internet-based options at your doorstep.


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