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Zanu PF disruption of Copac meetings hardly surprising

I AM not surprised that Copac  meetings in urban areas have been rocked by violence given Zanu PF’s mentality of cowing people into submission. MDC-T has never violently advocated for the advancement of its ideologies in the ongoing process yet its rival has gone on record, urging its followers to guard jealously the gains of the liberation struggle.  Zanu PF believes it has the sole capacity to determine the direction or course our country should take,  hence they are trying to force Zimbabweans into writing an unrealistic constitution.

They have used violence in the past and still continue to do so in an effort to put brakes on the wheels of the democratic train. MDC is not telling its supporters what to do and say at the meetings, yet the opposite is true for Zanu PF. They recite in unison their master’s philosophy like grade one pupils. My view is that Zanu PF is comfortable either with the draft constitution being rejected by the people or approved only if it’s to be tailor made to suit them.

Their nonsensical claims that those opposed to Zanu PF philosophies are puppets of the West fly in the face of reason and are aimed at prolonging their stay in government. Trying to gain political mileage by peddling anti-homosexual sentiments is simply cheap politics. MDC has never encouraged the practice, which is rife in Zanu PF circles. One wonders why no effort has been made to cleanse the party of such practices.

Most of the issues that people want addressed are a symbol of Zanu PF’s failure over the years. Corruption has continued unabated, perpetrated mostly by the party’s loyalists. They have pending countless crimes of murder, torture, arson and rape yet are shamelessly determined to defy the odds. A coalition with Zanu PF has never been a desirable arrangement.

James Farai,

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