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Sanctions not justified at all

THE imposition of sanctions on any nation is draconian, by any measure, because it brings nothing but economic retardation. Ultimately they affect all facets of our lives negatively. They breed poverty, disease and death to the ordinary citizens of any country.

In my view it is only people who are insane and irrational in their decision making that advocate the imposition of sanctions against any state. There are  better ways of solving political impasses in any country. In Rhodesia, sanctions were imposed on the Ian Smith regime, but there were no remarkable positive results. By the same token they were imposed on South Africa during the apartheid era, again there were no notable positive results. This means that they are not an effective tool to counteract any unwanted political situation obtaining in any state. They are inhumane as they degrade the lives of a nation. In a nutshell they violate the human rights of a people of the affected state. In this sense, the sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe are illegitimate.
The demerits of sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe far outweigh their merits. Our people died of cholera, hunger, Aids and other diseases due to lack of medication.

By imposing sanctions against Zimbabwe, the imposers of these sanctions are actually aiming them at ordinary people.
There are so many people that are apolitical that have been affected by these sanctions.

To this end, the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe should be lifted in order to improve the lives of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans have become destitute in other countries because of these sanctions. The imposer of these sanctions have to draw a line  between politics and the lives of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe as these sanctions do not in any way or form affect politicians. Some people may argue that politics is the reason behind the imposition of the sanctions in question, but how can they push someone out of power?

Who in the entire world was pushed out of power by sanctions? Turkey is still a sovereign state despite sanctions that were imposed against her for the occupation of an enclave which is part of Cyprus.

I am not in favour of any political party, but it’s all about the truth about the sanctions that have caused Zimbabwe to be bedevilled by so many problems.


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