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ZIMBABWE has a lot of mineral resources which, if properly managed, can go a long way towards the development of the country. It’s so disheartening to read that all those millions of dollars in revenue were being channeled towards selfish ends when the country is on its knees.

THE problem with our public officials is that they have no foresight. The money they steal is for them only and will be taken away in the same way when they die. This is because they have not put in place any institutions to continue their thievery for their children and grandchildren.
Festus Mujaji.

IN football once a coach fails to deliver, he is fired. Not so in Zimbabwe politics: Mugabe has done the same but still remains. He must be fired.

IT would be insane for anyone to call for elections any time soon! The wounds of the brutal beatings and killings in 2008 at the hands of Zanu PF are still very fresh in our minds! They have not acknowledged or apologised for their atrocities and yet they are at the forefront of a so-called national healing process! There should be no elections before a new constitution, tolerance and the full implementation of the GPA!

SADC has just given Zanu PF another 30 days to loot and destroy Zimbabwe’s agriculture, business and to generally perpetrate further abuse. Don’t they themselves get tired of giving these silly ultimatums which nobody abides by?

WHY did Robert Mugabe sign the GPA? I think he thought he could  hoodwink the world again. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us the West didn’t buy it. The sanctions must remain in place until he shows a sincere desire to change his ways.

ROBERT Mugabe likes to play the sovereignty card in denying the involvement of other countries in resolving the outstanding issues of the GPA so that the outcomes of the negotiations are in his favour.
Lattaz, Harare.

THERE is nothing the GPA principals must continue discussing as everything was agreed on, only implementation is needed. Mugabe was voted out in 2008  and is the stumbling block to change. I do not understand why the provincial governors have not been sworn in. Morgan Tsvangirai must stand his ground.
ALL those who keep talking about Jacob Zuma or anybody outside  Zimbabwe solving the Zimbabwean crisis are sick in the mind.

ZANU PF is not Zimbabwe and neither is Zimbabwe Zanu PF. We are tired of being taken for fools. We want free and fair elections.
J S, Harare.

SANCTIONS are good in motivating someone to reform. Even God employed certain measures to force Pharaoh to let the people of Israel go. To Robert Mugabe I say give us our freedoms and the sanctions will go.
J M.

WHY is the MDC not working towards creating conditions for free and fair elections? They should not cry foul because they got the chance and spent it wasting time on matters that have no bearing on their political future as a party. The voters roll is still in a shambles, constitution-making process still a joke, media still polarised, police still brutal, diaspora still cannot vote. Get on with the process of democratisation! You are getting too comfortable in an artificial setting.

THE MDC must not take civil servants for granted. If they continue doing so, then they will never get the opportunity to govern.
Dhobo, Harare.

ANYONE bothered to find the real owners of the companies mining diamonds at Chiadzwa? My guess is it’s the perennial looters blaming sanctions for everything.

IT is public knowledge that the RBZ is overstaffed as most of its employees were recruited during Gideon Gono’s era as governor of “everything” and now that it’s back to its core business, why retain all that excess, costly buggage!

RADIO and TV licences are too expensive and it seems as if ZBC is trying to take advantage of the people to supplement their losses and gross mismanagement. It is better to charge a small amount of money and have many people pay, than an exorbitant price that few can afford.

I AM sick and tired of football teams threatening to withdraw from tournaments if well wishers can’t fund their trips. Are they running charities or businesses?

NETONE, we demand better coverage in Warren Park, Crowborough, Glen Norah and Highfields.

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