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It’s a weird world

A FRENCH woman discovered her 42-year-old son had been buried in the same cemetery where she was attending her brother’s funeral, after she had tried to invite him to the ceremony, a newspaper has said.

The family was leaving the cemetery near Lille,  when one of them noticed a temporary wooden gravestone bearing the son’s name and date of birth in an area reserved for poor people.
“In two or three seconds, everybody started to scream,” the man’s father Elie Langlet told La Voix du Nord newspaper. “Josiane (the mother) collapsed. She buries her brother and finds her kid in a grave near him. It’s unthinkable,” he said.
The local council confirmed the father of one, Olivier, had died on July 5 from natural causes.
Josiane Vermeersch said she had tried to contact her son a few days before to invite him to his uncle’s funeral, to no avail, and had thought he was ignoring her after a row.
“Someone hasn’t done their job,” she told news channel I-Tele. “I demand explanations,” Vermeersch said, adding it was unbelievable in a time of modern technology that nobody had attempted to contact the family. —Reuters.

POLICE suspected German builders were acting the goat when they complained an angry billy goat had chased them out of a third floor flat.
But when they turned up to investigate they found a fully grown male goat had indeed moved into the apartment in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg.
The goat had been making a meal of the curtains that had been left behind while renovation work was carried out.
A police spokesman said: “We have no idea how that goat got up onto the third floor and entered the apartment. We also don’t know who owns it—we have had no reports of a missing goat.” Police called in a local farmer who helped to capture the goat and has taken it to his farm while they attempt to find the owner.—Orange News.

A 100km long traffic jam in China has entered its ninth day and drivers are being warned the bottleneck could continue for a month.
Hundreds of trucks heading for Beijing on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway have been at a standstill because of roadworks in the capital.
Small traffic accidents or broken-down cars are aggravating the congestion which started on August 14. But those affected have been taking the disruption in their stride.
Drivers have been playing chess or cards, with some joking “concerts should be held at each congested area every weekend, to alleviate drivers’ homesickness”.—Orange news.

POLICE say a man living in Germany was shot in the back of his head, but it took him five years to realise it.
Police said   that the 35-year-old man was hit by a .22-caliber bullet in the western town of Herne as he was out in the street partying and drunk on New Year’s Eve five years ago.
They say the man recalled receiving a blow to the head, but told them he didn’t seek medical assistance at the time.
The bullet did not penetrate the skull, and police say the Polish man only went to see a doctor recently when he felt a lump on the back of his head. An X-ray showed an object under his skin, and doctors operated and found the projectile.
Police say it may have been a stray bullet fired by a reveler in celebration. —Reuters.

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