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TRAVELLING during the holiday period was a painful experience. The presence of police officers on the road was just too much.

In as much as we appreciate their duty in trying to stop carnage, they overplayed their hand, resulting in us spending more time on the roads than was necessary. The police should try to  balance between the two.

WHAT is it that the cabinet ministers discuss that we should not know? I think ministers should continue leaking the information we deserve to know!

FOR a minister to be identified and arrested for leaking cabinet secrets, it would take the arrest of the journalist first so that he/she can reveal the identity of the minister. Talk about journalists being forced to reveal sources. So journalists in Zimbabwe are still operating in a restrictive environment.
Foreign observer.

THE attack on journalists by Media and Information minister Webster Shamu on the issue of pro-Zanu PF jingles was uncalled for. What the journalists had written concerning the jingles is all true.  Shamu is supposed to promote diverse views as they are a sign of a healthy society and not support sectional interests.

FOR the MDC-M Copac rapporteur to expose himself in public or to anyone without their invitation is a crime in Zimbabwe. It always has been. If we start ignoring small crimes how will we be able to deal with the more serious crimes?

FOR one to be a national hero in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe’s regime they must belong to the former ruling party Zanu PF. I however believe that we are all heroes, not necessarily national heroes, but simply heroes. We have survived sanctions, we have survived dictatorships, we have survived the violence and we will survive.

THERE can be no reconciliation without transitional justice in Zimbabwe. Offenders in the Gukurahundi massacres must face justice. There must be no sacred cows.

THE lack of  sponsorship is making our football vulnerable to vultures. It’s surprising how all of a sudden we started getting “invitations” to take part in meaningless “friendlies” in Asian countries. Someone made a fortune and this really needs to be thoroughly investigated.
WITH the kind of people running our football, we will get nowhere. Ideally we are supposed to feature in every Africa Cup of Nations and  World Cup finals but our football is being run by corrupt officials.

CAN someone come save our football? No wonder why big companies shun sponsoring football despite so much lobbying on social platforms. Stand up Cuthbert Dube and be counted.

I THINK the penalty that is levied on people that have lost their passports is just exorbitant. Inasmuch as it is supposed to  deter people from losing them, they should remember that there are situations that lead one to lose their passport. They do not go out of their way to lose it. Furthermore it is everyone’s right to have access to this travel document.

THE one size fits all mentality when dealing with parastatals will lead to a massive brain drain. The level of skill needed in each parastatal should determine their remuneration. Skilled employees are not “charity” workers. They must be paid reasonable amounts. We should get real.

THERE seems to be no hope in sight for the tertiary level students in this country. All the pleas that have been made to the government to alleviate our pain seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Midlands State University’s threat to increase fees does not make any sense at all. Many students were struggling to pay the subsidised fees, what more when there is a dramatic increase like in this case?
Poor student.

GOVERNMENT enterprises became the weakest link in the fluent functioning of the state because it was infiltrated by people who chose to ignore all principles of accountability. The moment Zanu PF came to power it threw caution to the wind and allowed those who knew nothing about accountability to take control of state enterprises.
Lameck Mahachi.

POTRAZ has not spelt out the measures  to be put in place for the rural folk who might fail to register their sim cards. A lot is being done in the cities but many people in marginalised areas are likely to lose out.

ECONET is really ripping us off. We are eagerly awaiting  the per-second billing so that we save our hard-earned cash.

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