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Mutambara didn’t miss opportunity

I DON’T know if you were writing based on the news reports on Prof Arthur Mutambara’s visit to the UK or whether you were actually in attendance when he addressed the London rally.

I covered the infrastructure investment conference at Parliament Square last week which Mutambara addressed and I couldn’t disagree with you more on him having missed “an opportunity to engage the diaspora on how they could collectively build their country” .

In fact, this conference was all about that and his address was precisely about that subject too. It was put together by the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers UK with the support of their networks here — the Commonwealth Engineers Council and the UK’s Institute of Civil Engineering.

Multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and African Development Bank were in attendance, the latter represented at the highest level.

The subject of discussion was about how to harness diaspora participation in national development. In fact, the infrastructure conference last week was the most significant professional platform put together by UK diasporans to discuss their role in national development, and it’s one that will certainly have tangible outcomes beyond the talk.


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