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JONATHAN Moyo was at his most vitriolic while attacking Tendai Biti’s mid-term fiscal policy statement. Quite clearly the man is desperate to be relevant after years of self-inflicted banishment into the political wilderness.

We hear he is back at his Machiavellian best in Zanu PF succession politics. He has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing from the Tsholotsho debacle.
Damba, Mutare.

WE have heard enough about gays from people who don’t hold the moral compass of this nation. Can we have their opinion on Gukurahundi, Willowgate, Murambatsvina and political violence just as loudly?
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

I ALWAYS thought Zapu was an equal partner in the unity accord, but from the infamous current jingles, I noticed that John Nkomo is relegated to number three. Where does that put former Zapu members in the united Zanu PF?

ZANU PF is self destructing. All music should be sold through proper outlets without any political party support.
Mutombe, Zvimba.

STRONG brands do not advertise every 30 minutes on radio and television the world over, even lesser brands do not. Mugabe has lost the plot.
Guy, Zvimba.

MDC has abandoned its supporters. Zanu PF gave its supporters land but Biti has frozen civil servants’ salaries.

THERE are no outstanding issues in this GNU, except that the MDC must pull out of the power sharing deal.

COPAC must complete their outreach as fast as possible. We are fast approaching the deadline for the process but the greater majority of the country has not been reached. Furthermore, outreach in the two major cities has not started even though it was scheduled to start just  after the World Cup.
Anele, Matobo.

GIVE Zanu PF all the airplay to air their propaganda jingles on national television and radio. They have been doing that since 2000 and losing every election. They should consult Jonathan Moyo who will tell them come election time those jingles do not work.
Get real.

FOLLOWERS of the apostolic sect must not be fooled by Mugabe. Border Gezi tried that with no success.
ONE would have expected police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena to assure the nation that investigations were in progress and that bad apples will be flushed out of the force. Instead he opted to be a spokesperson for an accused person. Shame on you Wayne.

WHY blame Mugabe for  the so-called unfair distribution of tollgate fees? To which party does the Minister of Finance belong?

JONATHAN Moyo should stop masquerading as a Zanu PF messiah over the jingles. We have an inclusive government and he
should wake up and smell the coffee.
Disgusted, Harare.

ZIMPOST is paying its employees paltry salaries. The auditors on the other hand have the nerve to come and harass the workers despite their plight.
Zisengwe, Harare.

AS far as the violation of some of our fundamental rights is concerned our public broadcaster is analogous to Rwanda’s former TRLM.

MDC must make sure that they do not please the colonial masters at the expense of the workers. Elections are coming and if we are not happy about their service we will not vote for them. It seems Biti was right after all.

MUDZURI tarnished the image of the party when he promised the nation that there would be no power cuts during the World Cup.
The move by the prime minister to reassign him was a good one as it was meant to save the party from further embarrassment.

THE Zanu PF jingles on national television are a sign of desperation.  Zimbabweans will always vote for a party they want. These jingles are the last kicks of a dying horse.
Rungano, Harare

OF all the politicians I know
there is one professor who has,
for a long time, shown us that he is confused. In other words he symbolises confusion itself. Food for thought.
Edith, Marondera

ZANU  PF is afraid of the elections. The party is quite aware that it has lost support throughout Zimbabwe. The leaders pretend that they are ready for elections. In reality they are afraid of losing. Once a loser always a loser.
Thabani, Bulawayo

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