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CBZ is stealing from us every month. Something must be done.


ANY new constitution must be protected from unnecessary amendments as happened to the current one. Amendments have been abused by Zanu PF to oppress us.
Mdawini, Bulawayo.

THE debt crisis in Zimbabwe should be considered objectively, not what certain officials in the GNU are doing. Claims by Zanu PF that Zimbabwe should not be declared a Highly  Indebted Poor Country are  baseless and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. How can they claim that Zimbabwe is too rich to be declared an HIPC when repayment is  unbearable. Zimbabwe is poor and will remain so if we do not face the reality.

I AM surprised by Zanu PF propaganda on television which is being aided by a Mbare choir. How gullible does Mugabe think we are? His propaganda has failed since 2000.

THE constitution must not be  manipulated by  politicians in any sense. No party slogan, harassment or intimidation by law enforcement agents  and supporters of political parties should be tolerated.
Reuben Lucio.

WE cannot afford the price of local chickens at US$8, when imports cost US$4. To make it worse local suppliers cannot meet the demand so the price keeps going up. Please bring back South African  chickens that the ordinary people can afford. 
    Chicken addict, Musobho.

THEMBA Mliswa made a  highly publicised donation of about 60 head of cattle to Chinhoyi University. I am curious to know if those cattle were properly cleared by the police as required by  law. I understand he is facing serious charges of defrauding some former white commercial farmers of their property. Will Chinhoyi University   end up being charged for receiving stolen property?
   Baba vaBhuri, Avondale West.

I WOULD like to thank the Prime Minister for remembering Masvingo Province by his recent appointment of Hon Mututu as deputy minister. I say so because Masvingo lacks representation in MDC-T as it doesn’t have anyone who is based or fought the 10-year struggle in Masvingo, who is in the national standing committee.  When MDC held its national conference last year, the party leadership refused to elect  a new deputy national chairman, which would have been  a chance for Masvingo to fill the post after they lost  Matongo. I think the current leadership is against Masvingo and I wonder if MDC-T  is still democratic. We beg for congress before national elections.
    True democrat.

POLITICIANS are a drain on the economy. We are going to build a multimillion dollar building to accommodate bloated, greedy   squabbling rabble. We are disgusted. Zvakwana. Muckraker for president.

FOR me the constitution outreach has already lost its credibility. Did the MDC actually believe that our oppressors of decades would act justly? Clearly,  Zimbabweans are unable to organise a party in a  brewery.  For the sake of the people let the NCA and the church do the outreach monitored by foreign observers.

MPs were laughing when Biti said that Zimbabwe was 23 years backwards in technology. Is that a laughing matter?

MAKONE must not use her ministerial powers to improve personal relations with Mutasa. Her first step is too big, we still have a long way to go.

IT’S not the donors who have defaulted on their pledges to Zimbabwe but the parties of the GNU and in particular Zanu PF.  When are our politicians going to be real.
     Get real.

THE current constitution-making process is a fallacy. People are beaten up and told what to say by Zanu PF loyalists. These agents forget that this nation doesn’t belong to them and that unborn generations will be recipients of chaos and perpetuate slavery. Viva ANC.
Katso, UZ.

ON the constitution-making process, to all you nitwits, how did your opinion become our views.

IN  the 1970s prisoners left jail with diplomas and degrees, now you would be lucky to leave the prison in good health..
Mutombe, Murombedzi.

THE biased reporting by the government-controlled media is not assisting Zanu PF. Zimbabwe has educated people that can think objectively.
Guy Kamba.

THE general populace would like to see a list of all leaders who plundered, stole and extorted commercial farm assets. Why are all these people not in prison?

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