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THE draft constitution should guarantee  freedom of religion and freedom from religion.
Ras Dryvar

XENOPHOBIA? Dont worry if you get killed the police will get the culprits. The law will take its course.
Tsveruka Murambida.

AS a widow who looks after three kids I would like to ask where my money is going because I sometimes get US$60 as my pension. May they tell me how much  I get monthly.
Worried, Shurugwi.

PRESIDENT  Mugabe’s speech on six million Jews dying because they held the wealth in Germany puts him in the same category as Hitler. Do you kill other races to attain wealth? The only difference is that black is killing black for “blood diamonds”. The day of judgment awaits Mugabe.
Andy, Harare.

RAPE is a crime of violence, not sex. What a person is wearing cannot save her from being raped. That’s the ugly truth.
I Claudius.

MAY we please have dual citizenship in our constitution?
Mukanya Aphiri.

DRIVERS are the only cause of accidents according to Nicholas Goche. Everyone knows that the roads are in a bad state and are too small to accommodate the huge influx of imported vehicles. Goche has to be reminded that Zimbabwe has good drivers who are in demand across Africa. Stop heaping blame on us every time. You are fast becoming drivers’ number one enemy.
Magema Mockem, Bulawayo

HOW do rural subscribers prove their place of residence. It appears the registration is targeted at Econet subscribers only.

I AM trying to follow closely all news about the new constitution in the media, but I have not read about proposals for voters to vote for a party not for the president. Parties should then vote for their president, as is what is happening in other countries. While a two-term issue is also vital the parties can remove an incompetent president if they deem it necessary.
Takavingwa Komboni, Harare.

WE, the people of Hatfield constituency, are looking for our MP. We have held three meetings none of which he attended even though he was informed of them.
Worried, Harare.

ZANU PF allegedly promised to resume violence once the World Cup tournament is over. No single life should be lost out of Zanu PF’s madness. Constitutional reforms with Zanu PF at the helm is naivety. MDC, being the first multi-racial, non-regional political party should pull out of any undertaking which endangers the life of civilians.
Raymond Sithole.

MORGAN  Tsvangirai and the MDC must get their ducks in a row. We don’t want to see  power struggles Think of your country and its people. A house divided cannot stand. Please do not be selfish.

WHAT a bad example Theresa Makone set?  How will we ever trust her again? One begins to think of political moles.

MOBILE operators  should consider installing a base station for us. We are in Maboleni, 50km from the city  of  Gweru. Electricity is available, we have good roads, a clinic, banks and schools.

ECONET should stop bombarding us with all these text messages. It is disappointing when you anticipate a nice message, only to discover it is from 444.

PRESIDENT Mugabe once described his  cabinet as the worst since Independence. If he was serious, this was the right platform for him to  fire some of his incompetent and corrupt ministers. These guys have failed the electorate. Please ensure accountability and transparency to make Zimbabwe the “jewel of Africa” again.

TSVANGIRAI is showing good leadership qualities. The move that  he took did not create loopholes but exposed misdeeds in government. Let us support him please.

ARE we all supposed to change to another network? It is becoming increasingly difficult for one to get to another Econet number and we are getting quite a number of failed text messages.

IF it was a Ghana player who had handled that ball, would we be making so much noise? Let us not be hypocrites.
I Claudius.

Makone must just resign. If she fails to resign then Tsvangirai must recall her.

WHITE capitalists have been replaced with black ones. Mugabe and his elite want to milk this country dry. The Empowerment Act does not benefit the ordinary man on the street.
Croipus, Kambuzuma.


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