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I THINK all Zimbabweans would appreciate it if all the toll gate fees could be channelled towards resurfacing of just one major road. Only then will we start paying fees without reservations.

I FIND the advert by war veterans quite refreshing. What they now see as ills in the leadership is what the majority of the people have been complaining about all along, risking a few broken bones or being labelled sellouts or both.
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

I wish to commend Econet for refunding failed text messages. However this must be done effectively and consistently.
Rev Dzivarasekwa.

POTRAZ should understand that there are some subscribers who live in rural areas where there are no places where they can register their lines. It is therefore important that they increase their deadline or the rural folk will lose out.

WAS the president really fighting
for us in the liberation struggle?
If so, is it not mind boggling that he cannot sacrifice his foreign trips to save the country’s scarce foreign currency to pay for power imports, medical supplies and a host of other essentials the country desperately needs?

DIDYMUS Mutasa says foreigners are playing casino with Zimbabwean assets. Is it not what Zanu PF has been doing? They have gambled away the lives of our people. Will someone please put that man out to pasture. He is way past his sell-by date and his hatred and bitterness have cost Zimbabwe dearly.

NEVER in 100 years should the politicians of Zimbabwe have been allowed to spearhead the constitution-making process. Where is the transparency and freedom of speech? I think NCA was right all along.

SALARIES for civil servants were not frozen according to the prime minister and Mukonoweshuro. Why is it then that there has not been any salary increment? It seems as though Biti told the truth.
Mdawini, Bulawayo.

I am not a politician, but I agree with those who hold the notion that Biti is a hard worker. There was therefore no need for the prime minister to even consider axing the minister, or even reshuffling him.
Amos Maire.

BEFORE the Budget review can we be told the beneficiaries of proceeds of the gem sales?

WE also need NewsDay in Hwange. May you extend the distribution to every area. Viva freedoms.

IF it is true as suggested by media reports that Giles Mutsekwa is becoming big-headed then he should be thrown into the dustbin. Better still, why not ask Gwisai for serious advice? No dictatorship or big heads in the MDC-T.
Gororo, Norton.

ALL of a sudden there is a push for video technology just because the English lost. Is it the first time that such a thing has happened in a World Cup match? Thanks to the Germans who taught the English the game of football.
Podoski Zizhou

RECENT remarks by Joram Gumbo at a Palestinian ceremony that Zanu PF believes in peaceful solutions to conflict is a good example of naked propaganda. One wonders if he was truly referring to the party we know presided over the Gukurahundi massacres, the brutal killing of Chiminya and Mabika and hundreds others after the harmonised elections. No matter how hard they try to live in darkness, light will eventually reach them. 

MUTASA needs to behave like a minister. Once he called a magistrate stupid, now he says the police’s disapproval of his interference in their investigations of his son is nonsense. He appears to be above the law. Justice would have been done if he was not Zanu PF. The long arm of the law would have caught up with him, unfortunately now it seems too short.
Concerned Citizen.

THE MDC-T never sees to amaze me.  It is said that Makone teamed up with Mutasa and tried to block the police in executing their duties.  Who is this Makone by the way, and how can she advocate for the release of a staunch Zanu PF cadre who has done nothing good and destroyed our industry in the name of indigenisation. Does she know the founding ethos and values of the real MDC? Tsvangirai, please wake up and smell the coffee; she may be a Zanu- PF plant. Makone should be investigated.
Wanda, Marlborough.

IT has been 11 years since Father Zimbabwe (Joshua Nkomo) died. Someone is demanding that he be exhumed for reburial somewhere. What a shame?
Thabani Moyo, Lupane.

IF there is a man that wants to use the name of Nkomo to gain political mileage it is Dabengwa and his tribal party.




WE don’t need a satanic constitution. A constitution that recognises gays is not good for this nation.
God Fearing.

IF Job Sikhala can be elected the president, then Chinotimba must become his deputy,they are birds of the same feather.

Government  needs to expalin what will  happen to those students who dont qualify fo  beam?



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