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State media fails to resurrect Zanu PF

I FELT compelled to write this because of the traitorous and treacherous behaviour of the MDC-T in recent days.

In your last issue (July 2)  you reported that an MDC-T minister Elton Mangoma (pictured left) was heading a delegation to the EU to negotiate the removal of targeted restrictive measures against Zanu PF gangsters and their surrogates and sponsors. 

What boggles the mind is how the MDC-T is failing to realise that it is being taken for a joyride by Zanu PF which is obviously taking advantage of their desperation to remain in government. These restrictive measures were largely imposed well before the formation of the inclusive government and MDC-T should not be hoodwinked into linking these to any outstanding GPA issues.

Tsvangirai’s party should be ashamed of such a leadership that has now resorted to kutengesa (selling out) to remain relevant and in the process betray all the cadres who suffered so many excesses at the hands of Zanu PF. For the gullible in the MDC-T leadership, those sanctions were imposed as a protest against the brutal murders, rapes, dispossessions, illegal detention and torture of your members and if you are leadership material the expectation of your membership is that you vigorously defend and lobby for the further tightening of those sanctions to indictments to the Hague so that perpetrators of such heinous crimes face justice.

The perpetrators of these crimes are drinking tea and eating eggs whilst MDC-T members are wallowing in abject poverty and suffering from untreated post  traumatic disorders. It is indeed a betrayal to the causes for which all those members on the MDC roll of honour paid the ultimate price and I say SHAME on all you MDC-T leaders who support sanctions removal.

Eng  Chigayo.

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