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State media fails to resurrect Zanu PF

THE Herald and ZBH have shown that they are desperately trying to resurrect Zanu PF from the dead by concentrating on perceived internal fights in the MDC.

These two media institutions have failed to come to terms with the fact that Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe have overstayed their welcome and the people of Zimbabwe are simply fed-up.
There have been some serious internal fights in Zanu PF and people like Temba Mliswa are being arrested because of factionalism.
In Zanu PF, there are now three factions that have been formed because of Mugabe’s continued stay; there are politicians who want him to remain, those who want him to retire, and those positioning themselves to succeed him.
These are faction fights in Zanu PF that the state media should report on.
Recently we were told by the Herald that the MDC had fired Eddie Cross from its national executive council. However, we were later shocked to read a story in the Herald quoting Cross as a member of the national executive council. 
The Herald showed how idiotic it was by not telling the readers how he had been “reinstated”.
The people of Zimbabwe have already judged the Herald and ZBC to be tools of Zanu PF.  But that is not an easy task which they will regret.  It is time the Herald smelt the coffee ahead of more exciting papers that will be available thanks to the media reforms. I don’t think people would want to read a story on the “Head of State and Government and Commander- in-Chief of the armed forces” when there are alternative and refreshing news sources.
Trymore Mazhambe,


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