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Education: Parents must play their part

SINCE Independence our government has made great strides in ensuring that there is education for all. However noble the idea was and the achievements that were realised there are serious mistakes that were made. We failed to realise that at some point donor funding would run dry. The result was that the parents failed to take ownership of their children’s education. They began to view the education of their children as a government responsibility.

One thing that people should be made aware of is that education is not for free. It costs money for government to provide this service, so parents should play their part. The number of textbooks that are in schools is low because parents think donors will come to the rescue. A brief survey  of countries that are doing well in the provision of books will show that in those countries parents play a major role. Lesotho and Kenya have book ratios of 1:1 and 1:2 respectively, not because of government support but because of the will the parents have. It is high time that parents realised they are responsible for the education of their children.


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