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Anglicans have lost it

ANGLICANS have somehow totally lost the plot. The man in charge at St Francis Anglican Church Waterfalls has lodgers living in the church hall and in the church vestries. Other churches have schools on their premises.

While it is commendable that churches can offer each other the use of premises, how does the diocese of Harare morally justify sharing premises (at a cost, of course) with Christ Embassies, the Dutch Reformed Church and other congregations while refusing to share those premises with the diocese of Harare (CPCA)?

How does anyone bring the house of God down to such mundane, unholy levels? Of course it is understandable that with less funds coming into the diocese of Zimbabwe coffers, every effort must be made to ensure the church’s survival, but surely the sanctity of the church is paramount and should be maintained. The smell of cooking cabbage and wet nappies can hardly be a “pleasing aroma unto the throne of Grace”.

It is loudly touted that the churches belong to the Diocese of Zimbabwe under Kunonga and they are theirs to do with as they please, but a little dignity is not too much to ask for when it comes to holy places! It is every Christian’s fervent desire that churches that were built for worship should maintain the dignity of being houses of God, not man.
Respecter of God and all things Godly.

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