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Tsvangirai haunted by gamble

WE are fed up with Morgan Tsvangirai’s complaints. At one time he says they are working well with Mugabe, the next minute he is complaining about Mugabe not honouring his part of the unity agreement.  While in South Africa he said it was painful to be in the GNU. Why?

Who coerced him to join the government? Did he consult the people who he claims to represent? As far as I know he listened to then South African President Thabo Mbeki and Sadc and not the people of Zimbabwe. If he claims to have consulted the people the big question is at what fora?  He was misled by the much- maligned Mbeki to keep everything under wraps until the ceremony at the Rainbow Towers at which   the GPA was signed.

Can someone out there tell me the benefits of the Tanzanian meeting Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe attended? From that meeting Mugabe went to Iran and Tsvangirai went to the US to receive his well-earned award.  However, not to be out-done by Mugabe, Tsvangirai traversed the globe to South Korea for some more accolades and obscure business.  All those trips are funded by the state through our sweat. The money splashed on these  trips could have been used to buy stationery for schools or equipped a central hospital with medicines and equipment.

For 29 years Zimbabweans suffered under the oppressive and despotic Zanu PF regime, but the oppression is now being perpetuated in collaboration with the MDC. Zanu PF was almost dead and buried until MDC unwittingly threw it a life-line in the form of the unity government.  After all, did Stan Mudenge not openly say that Zanu PF is ruling and the MDC are mere implementers of Zanu PF’s programmes?
MDC:  wake up and show us that you are a party with the intention of removing Zanu PF from power.


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