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MZWP: Let’s kick the politicians out

WE are sick and tired of excuses over the delay of the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project. I think the only solution is remove politicians from this long-awaited project.

The reason is that the project has been politicised. We should get rid of all the politicians and try to correct the misconception that this project is aimed at developing Matabeleland only as it is for the benefit of the whole country. The misconception has motivated some people to sabotage the project as they think it is for the Ndebeles only.

Once the misconception is cleared and people from all over the country are made to feel they are stakeholders, money will be injected into the project. However we should also appreciate the concerted efforts of a few hardworking politicians who have relentlessly tried to make the project a success.

Let’s empower the public by making them feel the project is theirs. Only then can there be meaningful progress. 

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