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Mere empty promises

I HAVE heard enough of this unity government’s claims that something is being done to return the country to its breadbasket status.

Many people are still living under fear as a result of intimidation, torture, persecution, repression and prosecution by the state. Whilst the country is struggling, the leadership is busy plundering the country’s mineral resources including diamonds. We have a lot of Mobutu Sese Sekos in our leadership across the political divide.

It is astonishing that civil servants are surviving in abject poverty at a time the leadership is globetrotting, attending a plethora of useless forums. The resources used for such trips should be channelled towards the productive sector and paying civil servants decent salaries. I am equally shocked with the silence from civil servants’ representatives; is it that they were threatened with unspecified action at the Kariba retreat? Surely, this country is full of cowards!

The National Joint Negotiating Council is composed of sellouts bent on misleading civil servants under the guise of representing them. It’s high time the populace demanded their rights through street protests. Look at what is happening in South Africa.

Godfrey Chamunorwa

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