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I SEE an attempt by some elements to use the Herald to arm-twist Econet to sponsor football. To Econet I say do not yield to blackmail.

COULD Econet please introduce per second billing. We would really appreciate it.
Simms, Harare.

WE are still getting mixed signals over the indigenisation regulations. How can the GNU expect economic growth when there is so much confusion and bad policy formulation?

ZANU PF is not a former ruling party as people claim. It is a party that still runs the government with the help of the two MDC formations.

RE-ENGAGING the West should not necessarily imply disengaging from the East. After all, those from the West are not gods.

THIS GNU is spending a lot of money on useless trips. The president and prime minister are rarely in the country for a month and yet they bring nothing that benefits the ordinary person or civil servants. What this shows is that these people in government do not have the nation at heart. All they want is to line their pockets, whilst the GNU is still in existence. Some of them know very well that come the next elections, they will be kicked out by the electorate, so they want to make hay whilst the sun shines.

IT never ceases to amaze me that, with all the concocted charges that eventually do not hold any substance, Zanu PF is perennially hell-bent on manufacturing them. From the late Joshua Nkomo to Dumiso Dabengwa and Morgan Tsvangirai, now Roy Bennett all the laboratory generated charges hurled at any perceived opponent failed to stick. Don’t they ever get tired?
Soko Murehwa.

WHEN are the unilateral appointments by Robert Mugabe going to end and who will stop the madness? The MDC should stop being second-class, junior partners in a marriage of convenience heading nowhere.
“Chief Justice”.

ROBERT Mugabe is really taking Zimbabweans for granted!! He did not liberate us. He is just provoking us so that he can set his dogs on us if we demonstrate. But he should be reminded that every dog has its day. Mobutu Sese Seko did it and learnt the hard way that the country and its people were God’s creation when they chased him with sticks and sjamboks.
THE reason why Robert Mugabe gets away with his autocratic style of leadership is because Morgan Tsvangirai is fast asleep. He claims that all is well in the inclusive government even if things are not going very well because the next question would be why he agreed to the coalition and what he is still doing there.
T Muronzi.

IT is so surprising that we have allowed Tendai Biti to get away with a misleading assertion on the government salary bill. He says that the salary bill is unsustainable because it gobbles up 70% of the budget, which is way higher than international standards. The problem is not the salary bill, it is our GDP which is very low. So please focus on stimulating an increase in the GDP and stop insulting our intelligence.

NOLBERT Kunonga’s behaviour is an absolute disgrace to the Anglican Church. Why does he and his flock not start their own church and leave the real Anglicans to worship in their church premises where they belong?

NOLBERT Kunonga chose to form his own church on the pretext that the Anglican Church was supporting homosexuality and yet he had fallen out with congregations throughout the diocese. He has destroyed the church infrastructure both in material and stature. He has chosen for a long time to align himself to the political leadership forgetting that he is an ordained man expected to shepherd the congregation.

IT is not easy to believe Simba Makoni’s utterances on national healing because he never said anything condemning the violence of the 1980s in Matabeleland and Midlands. I think he is trying to gain cheap political mileage.

SIMBA Makoni is 100% spot on in critising the GNU although he was part of the gravy train a few years ago and elected not to say anything at the time.

TAFATAONA Mahoso unashamedly thinks the law can be subverted to suit the former ruling party’s vindictive agenda.
Damba, Mutare.

SURELY how can the police demand such an outrageous amount as US$3 million from Copac? It is the police’s public duty to provide security and this mercenary attitude they are exhibiting is uncalled for. If there are intelligence reports about violence then the police must nip that in the bud.

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