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BRITAIN’S recent election outcome exposes Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship. Gordon Brown lost, ate humble pie and left. Mugabe clings on to power despite being rejected by the voters.
W Moyo.


AFRICAN leaders should emulate Gordon Brown. The ballot box is more powerful than the bullet.
Guy Kamba.

WELL done Gordon Brown for resigning honourably. A good and a timely decision indeed! Those clinging to power with everything consumed in their country being imported while their country has the potential to be the breadbasket of Africa and even beyond should have gone ages ago.

HOW can Morgan Tsvangirai say Zimbabwe is no longer risky for investors? What exactly has changed since the inclusive government? One only has to read the newspapers in any given week to realise that the crisis in this nation continues.

I AM a staunch supporter of the MDC-T and who is also a police officer. I am very disenchanted by the alleged infighting within our party. My message to Tendai Biti is that he is digging his own grave in the way Welshman Ncube, Paul Themba Nyathi, and the confused Gabriel Chaibva did to themselves. Forewarned is forearmed. Morgan Tsvangirai is the people’s choice. Your time shall come Biti, be patient.

A POLITICAL sneeze in Zimbabwe creates a cold on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The recent passing of the indigenisation regulations has derailed business by 20%, something which shows a lack of confidence in an economy like ours where Machiavellian politics plays a major role. No matter how hard the Prime Minister tries to apply lipstick on his frog-like creature called the GNU, it will not lure investors. Let’s be brave enough to face the truth.

WHATEVER political party a leader belongs to they are all the same in their deeds as their top priority is self agrandissement! They are all busy getting themselves rich as evidenced by the affluent lifestyles they are now enjoying at the expense of the poor. As a result no one is ready to genuinely sort out the country’s problems as this will affect their pockets. We need an altruistic leadership. They should prove me wrong.
All the same.
I AM sure Zanu PF got egg on their face after Roy Bennett’s acquittal. This goes to show that the judiciary has some independent judges who cannot compromise their profession to suit political agendas.
     Andy, Harare.

JUDGING by the frequency and the superlatives that Arthur Mutambara uses to describe Robert Mugabe’s liberation war history in different fora, I bet he will vote for his beloved octogenarian leader come election time.  He might not vote for himself! Can someone in the MDC-M not see this leadership vacuum? Anyway, that is the price you pay for imposing charlatans as party leaders.
DLT, Waterfalls.

I MET Job Sikhala a day after launching his party, driving around with his spokesman. The spoke man was wearing the same clothes from the launch day. Tanga wagona kuchinja hembe (Be able to change your clothes first) before you attempt to change the current political system.

WHAT is the political and economic significance of Iran to Zimbabwe’s economic revival project? The recent invitation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a great insult to the economy which had started to recover after a long period of Zanu PF’s economic destruction. Thumbs up to the progressive forces  for boycotting his arrival.

CAN Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere explain to me how the “empowerment” will help me, the ordinary Zimbabwean, when my wages cannot even buy an ordinary share in the least performing company?
More Kwekwe.

CAN David Coltart explain how the money demanded  by teachers from parents becomes an incentive and not bribe. This is legalised corruption at its best.

ECONET wireless is no longer inspiring. Text messaging problems need to be addressed urgently. They  should get serious. 
    Kababa. Kadoma.

COULD Econet explain why they charge for unsent or failed text messages?

SOMEONE should organise free workshops for Zimpapers journa-lists and teach them how to write decent, mature articles. Even cartoon captions are comically childish.


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